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  1. Hey...it's me... There's no video... In case you are unaware, around 2 weeks ago, i made a post on the forums stating that I would be inactive for the duration of august due to IRL commitments getting to the 'pointy end'. In any case, I couldn't find the time thus far to make a video, and the fact that my headset is currently in for repair after my dogs broke it also raises some issues in terms of audio recording...So, i'm just gonna slap the results here. So, after MUCH delay which i am deeply apologetic for, here are the results. [By the way, there is some ex
  2. Hello So some of you have probably pointed out (and rightly so), that I have been rather inactive over the past week. So, I've made this thread to alert you, the community, of this, and to inform you that this inactivity will most likely progress for the remainder of August. In short, I've had a lot of commitments IRL that are now getting to the 'pointy end'. If some of the more important community members wish to inquire about these apparent 'events' then you can contact me via the forums. I'm not saying that I will go COMPLETELY inactive, but i am just pointing out the
  3. I love how they KNOW how happy the fans would be. 2:18 says it all, #clone wars saved
  4. addamcor


    Okay, lets begin going through this application. POOR ANSWERS Every answer in this application is just short and poor. All I get from your answers is that you want to look 'cool', which is a selfish and shameful reason to want to get PAC. Not to mention, but you have contradicting statements in your application. The very first question you answer asks if you have used PAC before. You answered no. You then proceed to provide a PAC example which leads us to believe one of two conclusions. 1. the image you provided is not your own PAC, which has already been raise
  5. I should've gone full spanish...the accent sounds terrible without committing... A shortened list of the award winners are as follows, however, please first watch the video because i put a lot of time and effort into them and i don't like it to go to waste.
  6. So i'll be on holidays from the 14th to the 20th. A small holiday, yes, but one i still want to alert people to about. If you are worried about Imperial Awards, i will do my best to edit the footage i have recorded in the next few days, so don't worry
  7. Going of what Cody said and speaking from personal experience, there is a HUGE correlation between age, and maturity. Now don't take this the wrong way! i'm not saying that young people are not mature! What i am saying is that people under the age of say 13, are 95% of the time much less mature than say someone the age of 15. Although it seems a touchy subject, maturity is just one of those things that most of the time will gradually be acquired over the years with personal social developments, and experiences. If i cast my mind back to say a 5 year younger me, I am embarrassed
  8. Hornet delves into his content list to pick an appropriate model.
  9. Entries are closed mah bois
  10. addamcor

    Timmys PAC app

    Right! First issue with this application: Contradicting information. You deny having ever used PAC in the past. But then provide an example of a PAC you have made. This demonstrates that you have either A. Downloaded a PAC off the internet and have used it as an example, or B. You planned the application very poorly. Ensure that your application supports itself and doesn't tear itself apart Second issue with this application: Low playtime with the community. If you want the community to grant you the PRIVILEGE of using PAC, you have to demonstrate that you a
  11. ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! Video creation is in progress
  12. I spent far too much time making this
  13. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040817628 RP Name: Hornet Have you downloaded the mods: Downloaded the SWOP, just need to download the other server content
  14. No...but we do have that equipped on the speeder bikes...Not to mention its a bit more difficult to accidentally select AND activate the [IMPULSE] Command in ARMA, than instinctively hitting shift on a speeder
  15. We can't even fly ships on gmod...Flying LAATS in ARMA will be...interesting...
  16. THE RESULTS ARE HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! The summarised winners can be found here, as usual please watch the video beforehand because I put alot of effort into them [and because they contain extra stuff]
  17. Greetings and Salutations
  18. The awards change every month
  19. NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED!!! The video is now in production! expect delays however since mid year exams are around the corner...and i actually want to do well in them.
  20. The officers lounge...that place where the people who run the ship can congregate and have fun... We're in such good hands people...
  21. Vaders Fist, Storm Commandos and Nova Troopers are currently empty, and we are looking for new potential commanders to fill their positions! If you want to apply, head to this LINK HERE Please follow all instructions at the start of the form and answer ALL questions to the best of your ability! Remember, how you respond to each question is a direct extension of character and personality and is how we gauge if you are suitable or not for the position. On Saturday, 6:00 PM AEST, I will hold a meeting with the most eligible few to come to the final decision of wh
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