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  1. Awesome Sal, it's nice to see that you responded here. I'll keep what you said in mind for the future. Secondly if the "5 days as a private" occured this week, please refer to the top of the topic where i mentioned just coming back from a week long hike.
  2. +1 I don't really have anything else to add that hasn't already been mentioned Good luck
  3. There is only one reason why i haven't demoted Braytec and that was because he was deserving of his promotions and i was already planning to promote him beforehand. But it is still a big red flag when your men are being promoted to officer ranks without your knowledge or permission. Not to mention, the event masters, and sometimes other higher-ups have no knowledge of time between ST promotions. Braytec, over a course of 3 days recieved 2 SGT+ promotions, which is a big no no, as it counts as mass promotion, and is unfair to SGT's of other regiments. I don't like promoting my men p
  5. So...After my week of hiking, i come back to my computer to have people asking me why i've had some of my SGT's and Officers have performed the MHC test, when we have a ST test, SPECIFICALLY MADE for the Storm troopers (incase you were not aware) The answer to this question, is that i've had some of my troops promoted to SGT or above, without first seeking my permission, or Alex's permission during event debriefs, which should NOT be happening. This is an issue, since (incase you forgot) the Storm trooper Corps actually has a functioning chain of command with limited po
  6. Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed, ST's isn't doing very well...and it may be partly my fault... Other than that, another reason ST's is struggling, is due to the fact that our chain of command has dissolved. ST's has recently had a purge of higher ups, with SGT's and Officers moving on to join other regiments, or other issues such as my co-commander (Alex) having Gmod issues, or my officer department who is busy IRL. We also recently lost a MSGT who was recently perma-banned...which does not help our situation in the slightest. S
  7. +1 Hunter has been a good friend of mine and has also been my previous major/commander on past servers. He does like to joke, but when the going gets tough, he knuckles down stops joking. Overall, I believe that Hunter can be trusted, hence why he gets a +1 from me Good luck
  8. +1 He's a good guy who can be trusted. Good luck
  9. Quick little bump after i disappeared for 3 weeks and this was forgotten. Why did i disappear? 1. I was moving house, i was too busy moving boxes and packing stuff that i couldn't come onto the server 2. No internet, upon arriving at the new house, we had to wait for our ISP to actually do their job and provide us internet. 3. My dog ran into my room, dropped their ball behind the computer, and proceeded to stick their head into the wires, get tangled, and break my headset cord, and keyboard cord. Everything else was saved thankfully. However, i then had to wait for the own
  10. +1 Tachyon has been a phenomenal SSGT and has been absolutely great to have in the ST regiment. I know i can trust Tachyon with handling ST's and other jobs across the ship. I can't imagine Tachyon abusing PAC3, and that is why i am giving him a +1 Good luck
  11. Wow...I wasn't expecting this much support... Thanks a bunch guys! it means a lot!
  12. +1 - is a nice guy - Trustworthy - Will use the PAC3 addon to enhance RP Good luck Sal
  13. What is my In game name: Commander Hornet, commander of the Storm trooper corps my steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40275950 My steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040817628 my play time: 3 weeks, 0 day, 1 hours Have I used PAC3 Before?: Yes, I've been using pac for a few weeks now, learning how to use it and figuring out how to combine multiple events and other things to create a better character. Other than that, i'm still learning, but it is something i am eager to learn about and am excited by the possibilities
  14. I dont think it would be a good idea to switch, especially since we are one of the tiny amount of Imperial servers in AUS. Every other server already is set in the clone wars era, and by changing from imperial to clone wars, we would simply be another server in a already large amount of clone wars servers.
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