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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, we're back!

    Welcome to IMPERIAL AWARDS

    What is Imperial Awards?

    For those who haven't been around for a very long time, Imperial Awards was a monthly awards ceremony featuring unique awards every month. And, now that I've returned, It became decently popular the first time I did it, and became a topic for the community to strive towards and laugh together with, so I've decided to bring it back. 

     There are 5 categories that change every month, so everyone has an opportunity to win! By going to the nominations link, you can fill out a form of who you think should win each award. Nominations will only be open the remainder of the month, so tell your friends, and get them voting! It works best when everyone is involved

    So, Nominate your winners, and we'll tally the votes at the start of next month


    Nominations Link:

    The following link is a google form where you can nominate people of your choice


    Please read the rules at the start of the form though



    Available Awards:

    Descriptions are on their respective pages on the form

    - The 'Most Trustworthy' Award

    - The 'Gentleman' Award

    - The 'Redacted' Award

    - The 'Don't Touch that' Award

    - The 'Crazier Than you' Award


    The rules:

    1. Do not nominate someone because they are a friend

    2. Do not bribe people to nominate you or others on the form

    3. Do not vote for yourself

    4. You may only nominate someone once. If you've nominated them for one category, you cannot nominate them again for a different category

    5. When listing someone, please use their in game name AND their non-RP name if they have one. For example, SCHEFF is currently playing as Moff Pim Jickle, but we all call him SCHEFF OOC. This is mainly because i've been gone for a while and there are a lot of new faces i'm yet to learn

    6. Please be genuine with all your answers

    7. Failure to abide by these rules can lead to your name being automatically denied in current and all future monthly awards ceremonies.

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  2. Hey...I'm back...


    So, I've rejoined the server, and a lot has changed. You may see me around VF, doing my thing, but let me say a few things about myself. I enjoy making and creating videos, and created the original Death Star trailer which can be viewed on the workshop page from way back then. I also enjoy RP due to my performing arts background. I was the ST Commander for a year, and a MJR General at one point. I used to host a monthly awards series on the server called 'Imperial Awards'. I was the co-founder of the recently dissolved Widow Squad, and also was one of the reasons why the also dissolved 'Media Team' rose from the ashes of the long forgotten 'advertisement team'


    I'm fairly friendly, and approachable, so if you want to say hi, feel free to.


    EDIT: I know i need to change my signature, I'll get around to it at some point

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  3. You were one of the best people I knew during my time in the ST's

    Always reliable, and always up to the challenge. You stuck through thick and thin during my time in IG, and for that, I cant thank you enough

    Thank you for all the incredible memories @Department


    Best of luck for the future

    ~ Hornet

  4. Words cannot express what you've done for this community.

    You've worked tirelessly through both the peaks and troughs, and have always inspired those around you to do better. To every person in this community, you've always been a kind helper, a fair judge, but most importantly, a good friend. We couldn't have asked for more.

    Best of luck, and safe travels

    ~ Hornet

  5. Hey.

    So year 12 has just begun, a very big, busy, crucial part of my life that will set me up for university and my future career. On top of this, I have been involving my self in performing arts much more than I have in the past, meaning I am often going on long extended hiatus's to practice or catch up with gigs that wasn't normally a problem in the past.

    So in the face of all that was going on, I have made the final decision to leave the Imperial gaming community after being involved in it for nearly 2 years.

    Yes, I am leaving. Not going on a extended leave for the year, leaving.

    So, after 2 years of commanding storm troopers, Imperial Awards, and IHC, I would like to give thanks to the members of this community, and make special mentions to those I felt I worked with closely.

    @Wolf Thank you for making and supporting this awesome community. Your constant efforts backstage haven't gone unnoticed and I wanted to thank you personally for making an amazing medium for me and so many others to be able to come together, and have fun.

    @Whitey Thank you for being there to answer my constant queries. I especially thank you for placing your trust in me when it came to projects such as the death star reveal trailer, or making dumb ideas of mine such as the Imperial Awards host: 'John Shover' into a reality.

    @Stevo. You've been with me from the start, and although we've had our ups and downs, I'd like to thank you for being an inspiration for me to aspire to.

    @Corvo @Alex @Department @Regret Some of the original and still remaining members of Widow squad. You guys helped me so much during my time as CMDR and i'm happy to see you all still working together as a team, to help manage the storm trooper corp when no one else wants to. 

    @Welshy Although I failed and left shortly after, I can't forget to thank you for allowing me to for my first time ever, become a staff member and be a TEM...even if it was for a short time

    @Carnifex One of the first people I met upon coming into IHC, thank you for teaching me the ropes and showing me what to do

    @Jman1308 You've been what i'd call a good friend, and I've loved having laughs with you

    @SCHEFF Amazing PAC's and you've always been someone I've felt as though I could have a good chat to.

    @Cody Thank you for trusting in my abilities and nudging me in the right directing during my time in IHC, although you can be scary, I know deep inside you know how to have a good laugh

    @media team Pick up the pace, according to the trello I, as an individual, have still made the most media content

    @Boris Yes, After your year or so of begging for me to notice you, I finally did

    If i haven't mentioned you in the list, do not fret. I've had good times with so many people, and it's difficult to condense everyone i've met and shared a laugh with onto one list. Just be rest assured, you'll always be in my heart.

    So, thank you very much, and farewell

    ~ Hornet



    A more in depth reason why I'm leaving IG


    So, my last post on the forums probably made quite clear and obvious that I wasn't really enjoying my time on IG anymore.

    I was stressed, heading into end of year exams, and had a music tour straight after that, so I didn't really want to spend time on IG. However, I held belief in my heart a 2 months to focus on study and go on tour would be more than enough time for me to warm back up to IG. So, with that I made 2 announcements that I was leaving. One on the forums, and another on the IHC Trello.

    After returning, I found that I was demoted to Major, and was gutted. I was not warned what so ever, no one tried to contact me to see how things were doing, just demoted. Now, after spending over a year to reach a position, only to have it robbed from beneath you is quite bullshit in my opinion, so, I made a satirical video listing together the absurdities of this occurrence.

    The video was never finished, since I lost the drive to complete all my points on it and didn't want to leave a completely sour taste in the communities mouth after I left, but I still believe that it contains some value information that might make my frustration easier to understand.

    So. Since it was made clear that a 'Certain individual' and co. want all my efforts to be thrown away, I shall not argue, and shall instead accept there proposition, and leave the community. 

    I never thought that my leaving would end on such a bad note, but alas, here I am. I just pray that no one else has to go through the absurdity that occurred to me. 

    I'm not angry at nor do I hate the members of IHC, I'm just disappointed in them.

    ~ Hornet



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  6. -1

    1. Loading music is infamously ridiculed by the Gmod community, adding it would make the server seem like a joke

    2. As people have pointed out, it's difficult to configure volume properly for loading music, and this song has a few points where the volume changes dramatically, leading to various ear rape sessions

    3. It does not suit the Imperial OR star wars theme of the server. It would be completely out of place.


    2 hours ago, NovaPendragon said:

    srsly its a good song

    That's a completely subjective viewpoint that most people will probably not agree with

    5. I had to use this song for video compilation of a camp I went on, the song is now engrained in my mind and I hate it


    Also, the link you put in isn't even the original song, it's trashy re-upload someone made to try and steal views from this guy

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  7. A few people were asking me where I went, to which i realised that although i stuck the announcement on the IHC spreadsheet, no one else really knows.


    So the fairly bland and boring explanation is that end of year exams have arrived and I want to do well! So I've pretty much removed the stress of being the scapegoat of IHC and being told to do better at an artificial job, fill out artificial documents, for a role-play game until this wave of exams ends


    See you all then

    ~ Hornet

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  8. Long ago when Widow squad first got it's own class, the models were originally the scout trooper player models.

    However, I, along with Stevo and the rest of Widow squad pushed for the models to be changed to the current ones for a few reasons.


    1. ST's thought that we were a completely seperate regiment. It's a bit hard to tell a new ST recruits what to do when they don't even think they are part of your command structure. We had a lot of instances where ST's would line up in completely seperate lines, think they were going to the wrong training session, or run away during events to find their "actual commander". We changed the models so that they could be identified as storm troopers, but have special markings to distinguish them from other ST's.

    2. Invalid bones. Anyone who knows me understands that I love PAC. And a few other people in Widow have been also experiencing it's joys. But the scout models have invalid bones, making bone merging absolutely impossible. Shoulders would stretch into the ground and it would be a mess...that was my personal incentive for changing the models, as well as the reason listed above.

    3. The "scout" trooper doesn't fit Widow squad's role. Widow squad was designed, and still is the leading figure of the storm trooper corps. They have distinguished themselves from the masses of ST's, and are the ones who are willing to lead and nurture the upcoming generations of players. In short, they are not scouts.


    The primary issue with your suggestion, is that the storm troopers would effectively be split into two different regiments. The ST's, and Scouts. This is unnecessary and is a detriment to the main advantage of the storm troopers, numbers. Sending a small group of untrained scouts when there are already other regiments trained in scouting would be of no use to the server, OR the ST's.

    That's my opinion, thank you for the suggestion though

    ~ Hornet

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  9. Good luck finishing year 12!

    In terms of your idea, I personally don't think it's necessary.


    21 hours ago, Cryo said:

    however some players can't reach communication hubs like discord or TS and therefore may resort to using either the steam chat

    If someone can be bothered to make a forums account and say how long they'll be gone for, then they DEFINITELY have the time to get onto a regiment discord [If they're not already on it for some reason] and make a quick note about their absence there. 


    21 hours ago, Cryo said:

    What if, we could also put an in-activity report for each regiment on the forums?

    An activity log on the forums is just going to make it more cluttered and messy to get around.

    It should also be the individuals responsibility to inform his CMDR or to let someone know so they can pass on the message ahead of time, That they are going inactive for some time. Even if you don't manage to tell anyone you're going away in time, the random or general discussions section is a great place to quickly say that you're going away and for how long.


    21 hours ago, Cryo said:

    not efficient in creating a report for the whole regiment to see

    A list of activity times and who is away is up to the CMDR's discretion, although i recommend it HEAVILY! All regiments have a spreadsheet for their regiment, and if it is found that they don't, then IHC will have words with the CMDR...

    The spreadsheet contains everyone who is in the regiment and their rank, and should be accessible by IHC personnel to view. Often, next to a troopers name is notes on their activity, which can be accessed by all members of the regiment.

    If you want your CMDR to add this feature to the regimental spreadsheet, then it is your responsibility to suggest it to them.


    But that's just my opinion

    Good luck ~ Hornet

  10. -1

    As many people have pointed out, the regiment you have suggested is LITERALLY just SCAR troopers. A regiment which we already have on the server, and that many before you have tried to turn into Task Force 99.

    "Task Force 99, also known as Special Commando Advanced Recon, or shortly as SCAR Squadron" - Wookieepedia Task Force 99

    The server implemented Task Force 99 ONCE before in the past...and they were one of the most annoying regiments to deal with.

    1. The fact that they had no real models, made them a PAC3 users only club. This made their members INCREDIBLY exclusive. Although, yes, there are player models on the steam workshop, they are TERRIBLE.

    2. TF99 is OP. Literally, every member of this regiment would be a walking tank. They wouldn't be anywhere close to fair to have a fight with. 

    3. They look too much like ST's. When TF99 existed on IG, i was the CMDR of the ST's. Because every member in TF99 had PAC, they all changed their player models to ST's, sometimes, with minimal changes. I often found my men being confused on who to follow, and when Stevo & I approached their CMDR on the issue, he simply replied "We look like this in lore so we can"...at which point Stevo made the beautiful response of "If you're so concerned about Lore, why don't we make your CMDR a SGT. Those were the simple days...This also brings me onto my next point.

    4. HYPER INFLATED EGO. A regiment that is so...special...is going to get a big head. This is what happened with the original TF99, and why i state that they were a pain to work with. Since they were so special. They considered themselves above everyone else, and acted like they were superior to all, no matter their rank. And their leader, would often run around with his lightsaber, acting like the hero of the day.

    5. It would be a pain for the dev team. The development team works really hard on this server. Adding this regiment would basically be a big ol, kick in the balls for them, since they would have to create a new class, or even REGIMENT, for each. individual. class. you. have suggested...

    If you want more reasons why no one is supportive of TF99, you can dig around on the forums and find quite a few posts of people who had the same idea as you.

    In these posts, @Whiteyalready made his intentions VERY clear about adding TF99 to the server, and you can simply scroll through these to see that for yourself.


    Another thing that a few people have mentioned.

    Making a regiment OP simply because it is 'elite' in lore is a terrible way to approach the creation of a regiment. This just leads to an unfair advantage over other players since the so called 'elite' regiment needs to be given health boosts and better guns simply to cheat them into being better. You don't need this to create an elite regiment.

    When i first joined IG way back when as an ST Private, 442nd, was THE elite regiment. They were utilising the tools available to them amazingly, and they were THE regiment to join. Of course, times changed, and their CMDR left. a few years later and, very recently, I just had to disband 442nd again for the 200th time in a row, and they still have the same load out they had all those years ago. A regiment will always be proven, to be elite. Never made to be elite. A good CMDR will work with what he has, and will make his regiment the best damn regiment it can be ONLY with what they have.

    Another brilliant example of this is my beloved storm troopers. Yes, they may individually be as weak as Romodi's neck posture, but with their numbers...well...let's just say that 20+ ST's in a firing line all concentrating fire on a single target...it's deadlier then any other regiment i can think of.

    Back to the point, adding TF99 wont fix anything, and is just asking for history to repeat itself.

    Hope you understand


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