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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, we're back! Welcome to IMPERIAL AWARDS What is Imperial Awards? For those who haven't been around for a very long time, Imperial Awards was a monthly awards ceremony featuring unique awards every month. And, now that I've returned, It became decently popular the first time I did it, and became a topic for the community to strive towards and laugh together with, so I've decided to bring it back. There are 5 categories that change every month, so everyone has an opportunity to win! By going to the nominations link, you can fill out a form of who you th
  2. Glad to see you back Greyback I look forward to seeing you around
  3. Hey...I'm back... So, I've rejoined the server, and a lot has changed. You may see me around VF, doing my thing, but let me say a few things about myself. I enjoy making and creating videos, and created the original Death Star trailer which can be viewed on the workshop page from way back then. I also enjoy RP due to my performing arts background. I was the ST Commander for a year, and a MJR General at one point. I used to host a monthly awards series on the server called 'Imperial Awards'. I was the co-founder of the recently dissolved Widow Squad, and also was one of the reasons
  4. You were one of the best people I knew during my time in the ST's Always reliable, and always up to the challenge. You stuck through thick and thin during my time in IG, and for that, I cant thank you enough Thank you for all the incredible memories @Department Best of luck for the future ~ Hornet
  5. Words cannot express what you've done for this community. You've worked tirelessly through both the peaks and troughs, and have always inspired those around you to do better. To every person in this community, you've always been a kind helper, a fair judge, but most importantly, a good friend. We couldn't have asked for more. Best of luck, and safe travels ~ Hornet
  6. @Sterling Thank you for continuing the tradition Many thanks - Hornet
  7. It's been a great pleasure being with you Stevo. I know that things between you and I have been rough over the years, but even then you were always someone who was there to talk to, crack jokes with, and be someone to aspire to. Your service to the community has been greatly underrated, and I applaud you for doing everything that you have ~ Hornet
  8. Hey. So year 12 has just begun, a very big, busy, crucial part of my life that will set me up for university and my future career. On top of this, I have been involving my self in performing arts much more than I have in the past, meaning I am often going on long extended hiatus's to practice or catch up with gigs that wasn't normally a problem in the past. So in the face of all that was going on, I have made the final decision to leave the Imperial gaming community after being involved in it for nearly 2 years. Yes, I am leaving. Not going on a extended leave for the year, leav
  9. Anytime i touch anything in IHC
  10. -1 1. Loading music is infamously ridiculed by the Gmod community, adding it would make the server seem like a joke 2. As people have pointed out, it's difficult to configure volume properly for loading music, and this song has a few points where the volume changes dramatically, leading to various ear rape sessions 3. It does not suit the Imperial OR star wars theme of the server. It would be completely out of place. 4. That's a completely subjective viewpoint that most people will probably not agree with 5. I had to use this song for video compilation of a ca
  11. A few people were asking me where I went, to which i realised that although i stuck the announcement on the IHC spreadsheet, no one else really knows. So the fairly bland and boring explanation is that end of year exams have arrived and I want to do well! So I've pretty much removed the stress of being the scapegoat of IHC and being told to do better at an artificial job, fill out artificial documents, for a role-play game until this wave of exams ends See you all then ~ Hornet
  12. Long ago when Widow squad first got it's own class, the models were originally the scout trooper player models. However, I, along with Stevo and the rest of Widow squad pushed for the models to be changed to the current ones for a few reasons. 1. ST's thought that we were a completely seperate regiment. It's a bit hard to tell a new ST recruits what to do when they don't even think they are part of your command structure. We had a lot of instances where ST's would line up in completely seperate lines, think they were going to the wrong training session, or run away during even
  13. I just compile the results... The community chooses who deserves what
  14. Sorry RESULTS: The 'Happy Sad' Award 3rd: Anthony 2nd: Widow squad 1st: Storm troopers The 'Full Disclosure' Award 3rd: Hammer 2nd: Rickle 1st: Stevo The 'Let's live before we die' Award 3rd: Stevo 2nd: Basil 1st: Fliqqs The 'Pulled' Award 3rd: Whitey 2nd: Wolf 1st: Fliqqs The 'Crazier than you' Award 3rd: Wolf 2nd: Cody 1st: Fliqqs
  15. addamcor


    Good luck finishing year 12! In terms of your idea, I personally don't think it's necessary. If someone can be bothered to make a forums account and say how long they'll be gone for, then they DEFINITELY have the time to get onto a regiment discord [If they're not already on it for some reason] and make a quick note about their absence there. An activity log on the forums is just going to make it more cluttered and messy to get around. It should also be the individuals responsibility to inform his CMDR or to let someone know so they can pass on the mess
  16. NOMINATIONS CLOSED Good luck ~ Hornet
  17. Nice job! You guys ABSOLUTELY deserve a big pat on the back
  18. *Le Gasp* Will we actually get the media team making stuff?!
  19. -1 As many people have pointed out, the regiment you have suggested is LITERALLY just SCAR troopers. A regiment which we already have on the server, and that many before you have tried to turn into Task Force 99. "Task Force 99, also known as Special Commando Advanced Recon, or shortly as SCAR Squadron" - Wookieepedia Task Force 99 The server implemented Task Force 99 ONCE before in the past...and they were one of the most annoying regiments to deal with. 1. The fact that they had no real models, made them a PAC3 users only club. This made their members INCREDIBLY exclusive
  20. You kinda smashed cinder when it came to nominations
  21. *Le Gasp* The quest system?! I thought that was just an old legend!
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