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  1. I don't have time to sit down and write a long winded answer, suffice it to say thast there is a reason that the real military don't carry guns at all times and doing so would be dangerous and stupid and would result in many more imperial deaths.
  2. Keep poker high rollers, and we G.
  3. D&d one is better: Str, Dex, Con, Int & Wis
  4. 14????? I knew he was a pipsqueak but Jesus....
  5. I had a Razer Goliathus mouse pad, and so Goliath just came to me when I needed a name.
  6. 2016, as Director Myr of the ISB, I *entered* the Grand Vizier (emperor .jr)'s office, and questioned him about a series of secret projects. As the conversation went on, it played like a game of chess, each slowly showing our hands and trying to gain an advantage. It was near the end when the Grand Vizier said "guards, leave", and 6 shadow guards and 4 shadow troopers de cloaked RIGHT NEXT TO ME AND LEFT THE ROOM. They had been there the entire time. That sh*t was intense.
  7. -1 Whenever I enter a staff ticket or entersinto a staff related situation for any reason, I have are two reasonable expectations of trial to senior moderator level staff: 1) Professionalism 2) Impartiality Based on my previous interactions with Alystair, if he, as a member of staff, came to a situation or ticket where I was, my first thought would be "oh f***, here we go". In my time in the ISB and as a general member of the community, I have found Alystair to believe himself better than most of those around him, talking down to and patronising those around him. This extends to treating any with a differing viewpoint as idiots who just don't understand the situation or matter at hand. This along with other factors, leads me to simply believe that it would not be reasonable for me to expect impartiality and professionalism from Alystair as a member of staff. Please keep in mind that this is what I think, I am sure others have had different interactions with him, and that is okay. I verry may well be an outlier and the only person who has this opinion, but I still feel the need to express it, and will happily discuss it with anyone who wants to do so.
  8. Any info on what this is (with regards to the server)?
  9. The reason they were originally blocked off when ISB was in that area was because they caused a LOT of lag.
  10. -1 Has shown immaturity in this thread Does not meet requirements Manages another community
  11. @Mauler Streamline is weird in that it sometimes has outages for specific areas (e.g if you come in on line X, you are borked). What you did is best, just VPN for the night and try again later, if problems persist, seek support advice.
  12. Some of the ships would be unusable due to timeline, but the rest could be good. Resizer tool would be like pulling a Kris.
  13. I'll see you operation Barbarossa and raise you... the winter
  14. @yeegunyeezie I was there, Director Firmus Myr of the ISB. Those where the days...
  15. -1 TO INEFFICIENT Plants won't die until the red bar is a the bottom. If you want to save supplies, you can balance the rate of red bar decay with fertilizer and water use fairly easily, and save a good deal over the life of a grow.
  16. "X abused, but I didn't take is to staff because why not" is almost as bad as abuse itself.
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