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    ISB in the Navy

    Fizzy got to be a white shirt for 15 mins first, so it's fine
  3. This is for comedic purposed only, I understand that this was a spur of the moment thing and the meeting was just spitballing please no ban thankyou
  4. @Ragetank Can we please add this exact image, at this exact resolution, to the loading screen?
  5. Goliath

    Dwaynes Ban Appeal

    -1 The listed reason for your ban was twofold, racism and no intent to roleplay. While I believe that you have adequately addressed the second point (NITRP), I have not seen much about the first one. Let me make my position clear, racism is not (and will never be) welcome or even tolerated in the Imperial Gaming community. Untill you can further address the nature of this particular reason or @zaspan can elucidate it for us, I believe you should still not be allowed on the server. I have been informed that the applicant has been recently banned from the forums for racism. I think the reason why this should be denied is now, with this in mind, self evident.
  6. memevideo1.mp4 It is PAC related don't ban @Bailey thankyou <3. Move it to random or something if it's not enough IDK.
  7. Hi Kevin I am dad.... wait...
  8. +1 The key traits of someone who (I personally believe) belongs in the dev team are: - some sort of relevant and beneficial skill - a willingness to work for betterment of the IG Community - no serious problems that will hamper cooperation with the rest of the development team It appears to me that Frosty has all of these traits.
  9. +1 For the vast majority of cases I believe that permanent bans should not be placed upon players. This is one of the cases where the time served (over 2 years) is more than enough to ensure punishment, community protection and time for reflection and growth.
  10. Goliath

    Supernova Ban Appeal

    +1 User has shown remorce, old ban.
  11. I honestly expected a nuke of reputation altogether, this is a brilliant solution. Up and down votes can be about quality, while agree or disagree are about content.
  12. +1 Clean record and good responses.
  13. Is shock are chads, who are the virgins?
  14. What are you on and where can I get some?
  15. IIRC no date yet, but some of the casting that has been announced is MINT
  16. Goliath


    -1 Edit: Information has come to light that has made me reconsider my stance, I belive the applicant has NO place in the IG development team.
  17. +1 The length of an application has no intrinsic value, it only exists to help people decide of they believe that someone is a fit for a certain role. I belive Galle is fit for this role.
  18. I don't know Roys, how well he roleplays or his attitude, but that does not matter. His examples are good and he wants to help. +1, why not
  19. What special? T H E R E I S N O C H R I S T M A S S P E C I A L
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