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  1. I think that, as a community, we need a bit more info about this before making a decision. Can you help out @Cody?
  2. Dark Souls (any of them, 3 is chad as hell) Stellaris Synthetik: Legion Rising
  3. +1 I think bypass bans should only permanent the account that the user tries to bypass on, not the original one. Given that it seems like there is A) remorce and B) the original 2 weeks is gone I believe this ban should be lifted.
  4. Goliath

    ISB in the Navy

    Fizzy got to be a white shirt for 15 mins first, so it's fine
  6. This is for comedic purposed only, I understand that this was a spur of the moment thing and the meeting was just spitballing please no ban thankyou
  7. @Ragetank Can we please add this exact image, at this exact resolution, to the loading screen?
  8. -1 The listed reason for your ban was twofold, racism and no intent to roleplay. While I believe that you have adequately addressed the second point (NITRP), I have not seen much about the first one. Let me make my position clear, racism is not (and will never be) welcome or even tolerated in the Imperial Gaming community. Untill you can further address the nature of this particular reason or @zaspan can elucidate it for us, I believe you should still not be allowed on the server. I have been informed that the applicant has been recently banned from the forums for racism.
  9. Hi Kevin I am dad.... wait...
  10. +1 For the vast majority of cases I believe that permanent bans should not be placed upon players. This is one of the cases where the time served (over 2 years) is more than enough to ensure punishment, community protection and time for reflection and growth.
  11. +1 User has shown remorce, old ban.
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