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  1. +1 Seems like a good guy, wouldnt mind him having a shot
  2. I'll hire a professional to Gag them IRL for you.
  3. That sounds pretty cool
  4. You're already pretty much apart of the Support Team because you're staff, from what it looks like Support Team members are not Moderators but members of our community who want to help with issues regarding the server and community which is what we do on a daily basis. I'd also assume its been put in place to help people when they apply for Moderator to show previous experience in a Supporting role in order to help get their application accepted.
  5. These look pretty good
  6. Been around for quite a while and seems fairly mature - helping out regiments and such. +1
  7. 1+ for Effort, good man been the SW Commander since I joined the server pretty much so he seems very loyal and would make a great moderator.
  8. Can the engineers use these to put supplies inside?
  9. +1 Can build lots of things on this map
  10. I have company of heroes 2 lets play that !
  11. TBH this should be our new map what do you guys think https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890329996&searchtext=
  12. +1 Personally I'd love too see you on the staff team, never seen you mess around & Seems pretty centered and mature. Give this guy a chance! - Martibo
  13. Martibo


    I already have that so I can listen "WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" **Queue autistic screeching**
  14. God damnit pinejack
  15. Martibo

    Suna's Staff App

    +1 suna best engineer
  16. My proposal; So I know we've been playing Arma 3 a lot recently and we've tried to organize a few missions here and there and they haven't quite worked out. I would like to suggest Official times for Arma 3 missions so that people know when they are on they can be put in the Arma 3 channel description and members will be able to find them easily. Days of the week / times I'd like to suggest; Friday Nights - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM // Peak hours for Gmod so its not like we're going to miss a few players. Saturday Afternoons - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM // This is primarily because people usually go out on Saturday Nights but can always just push this to 8:00 PM as well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also if you guys want to do an unofficial time you should Spam TS3's global chat a few times or poke all of the players with Arma 3 Tags, anyway thanks for reading and hopefully you take this into consideration. - Martibo
  17. I'd more more than interested if you have a good idea for a campaign and what not. Just send me the details through teamspeak when you're online. - Martibo
  18. Stokes' Application Response I've played with him in-game a lot, he seems like he knows what hes on about. His dedication to the server shown by his hours expresses that he is really dedicated and plays on the server a lot and is an active member in our community. Footholder; I will be giving you a +1 because you would be a good member of our staff. This is provided that you do not minge or muck around as your application is processed, I would also like too see the following in-game, you helping people with their issues whenever possible no matter how big or small and that you also continue respecting players and staff. I would also like too see you handle all of this while roleplaying correctly as your newly appointed bounty hunter role and training recruits / helping new players. By doing these things you show not only me that you are capable of being a Moderator but others too. - Martibo
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