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  1. Offship events are great, just helps when we aren't on a terrible map that gives 5-10 fps for everyone. Try co-ordinating with event staff and looking for the least impactful maps so that we can play on those.

  2. - Try joining the server with no mods

    - Try joining singleplayer with all the addons enabled

    - Try joining with a few addons enabled

    - Remove all addons that aren't from our pack


    If none of that works let me know I have a few more fixes.

  3. 6 hours ago, goliath said:


    Nothing outstanding and (imo) we don't need more T-mods.

    tbh in the past few weeks mods have been non-existent after 9pm, Iris is always on and in my opinion would make a great staff member.

    +1, would make a brilliant staff member and makes a good impression on players in our community.

  4. 13 hours ago, pinejack said:

    As others have said, ISB are basically lawyers if needed, along with people like MHC. Court cases don't happen too frequently on the server, but when they do they are usually events of some sort, therefore they are run by the staff members, not players. Because of this, I don't see why any one regiment should be lawyers and I find the idea of a lawyer regiment to be one of the worst regimental ideas that I have ever heard.

    lol roast

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