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  1. - Check if your graphics card is being used to run gmod and not your integrated graphics - Start Task Manager > Details > Right click hl2 > properties > read only > apply ---------- Try these
  2. Martibo


    Offship events are great, just helps when we aren't on a terrible map that gives 5-10 fps for everyone. Try co-ordinating with event staff and looking for the least impactful maps so that we can play on those.
  3. Just make a topic in a gaming discussions or something and post your "Cool Pac", don't see a problem with it.
  4. 300 mb unpacked for me to upload
  5. - Try joining the server with no mods - Try joining singleplayer with all the addons enabled - Try joining with a few addons enabled - Remove all addons that aren't from our pack ___________________________________________ If none of that works let me know I have a few more fixes.
  6. +`1 don't think theirs any valid points for you not to get tier 2.
  7. Instead of it being performance based, this is just a great training idea! Creating simulations with different terrain types is creative for both PVP and PVE training.
  8. Removed warn - Lock the thread please
  9. We've already got a fix for that
  10. If you know object oriented programming hit me up, and we can make some cool shiz
  11. @LordTrilobite Looking good
  12. @Moose & @Caboose, happy to try and implement this feature onto the server. It wasn't working before hence why it was removed but it shouldn't be to difficult.
  13. +1 I'll add Bathrooms on my death-star map to show that we are not animals. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1165391360
  14. tbh in the past few weeks mods have been non-existent after 9pm, Iris is always on and in my opinion would make a great staff member. +1, would make a brilliant staff member and makes a good impression on players in our community.
  15. Paul Walker Ling Ling Tribute song, you will be missed friend :'(
  16. Should get all the SG to retry for their placements, only 1/4 SG could beat an RG at the previous sith tournament.
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