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  1. We make sure we deliver but for example if someone donated for something before asking and we deny it, usually we will work something out or refund them. At the end everyone is always happy.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean, but you aren't getting anything physical so the item is deemed virtual and that isn't considered refundable by pay pal unless you call up and complain you didn't get what you paid for which gets you community banned FYI unless cleared through caboose etc. With your bank/visa you can refund at any time and say your son or significant other made the purchase with your knowledge and we'd get charged back the donation. So again it protects us in a way so that we can keep the server running.
  3. You can use your visa card through paypal, also it is the preferred method as with visa - transactions can typically be refunded via your bank without a reason neccesary and with paypal we are able to put in some terms of service that stop people from charging back after a donation has been given. It just sort of protects us more in legal terms, that what your paying for is a "Donation" and not an item you're purchasing online.
  4. Your calculations are flawed not taking into consideration other factors such as recoil, reload time or spread. In addition to that some player models have special damage modifiers on them idk how for example the Grand Inquisitor model takes extra damage.
  5. Could just ask me lmao but you can figure the damages out yourself
  6. DENIED // DID NOT MEET REQUIRED CRITERIA // REAPPLY IN 1 WEEK @Little5avage move to denied
  7. DENIED // DID NOT SHOW FOR INTERVIEW // REAPPLY IN 1 WEEK @Little5avage move to denied
  8. Accepted @Little5avage @Ridge Lock this topic please
  9. Accepted @Little5avage @Ridge Lock this topic please
  10. INTERVIEW @ 7:00 PM AEDT - Meet on teamspeak sit in Lounge 3 and make sure your name is the same as your In-game name.
  11. INTERVIEW @ 6:50 PM AEDT - Meet on teamspeak sit in Lounge 3 and make sure your name is the same as your In-game name.
  12. INTERVIEW @ 6:40 PM AEDT - Meet on teamspeak sit in Lounge 3 and make sure your name is the same as your In-game name.
  13. INTERVIEW @ 6:30 AEDT - Meet on teamspeak sit in Lounge 3 and make sure your name is the same as your In-game name.
  14. If anyone has reference pictures for Eadu or information about it send it to me please
  15. I like all of those ideas, I think I might want to do Eadu. If someone wants to source reference pictures for me and more backstory I think it would be alot of fun for me to make.
  16. So basically I have the skills to make a new map, but I lack the necessary imagination and or time to research and make something. I want to make an imperial base preferably not a ship. Preferably create a google document if you want to help and post screenshots of the planets surface etc and some backstory as to what the planet is so I know what I can make. If you contribute you'll be put on the contributors list on the workshop. No I am not being paid to make this map so if anyone wants to pitch in and help make textures or any other part of the map I'd be more than happy to allow you t
  17. Nothing wrong with that its not like you could of known unless you asked.
  18. Most of the things you've said are already implemented/have been implemented and removed. I like the idea of the tiers but it just wouldn't work because of the way we have our job system setup. In terms of the Donator tag in chat personally I don't like the idea because first of all it would ruin the simple/minimalistic hud and break peoples "immersion" when looking at the chat box. If you want to see if someone is a donator use the scoreboard. I would also like to mention that if you have ideas for custom jobs such as a custom droid and or bounty hunter or just another role that could be impl
  19. - Check if your graphics card is being used to run gmod and not your integrated graphics - Start Task Manager > Details > Right click hl2 > properties > read only > apply ---------- Try these
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