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  1. I'm basically going to be making a PMC Arma 3 Milsim if you guys are interested, gonna be mostly the same mods as the Arma 3 Star Wars Servers just no star wars mods or maps. With the Addition of a few CUP add-ons to make it feel less vanilla like.

    If you're interested and want to join I'll be posting a mod link below shortly, put a +1 in the comments if you want to join.

    Serpent Private Military will be run similar to the Star Wars Arma 3 but with a slight change, as missions progress the gear and vehicles available will become better and better and the ranking structure will be as simple as Company Leader, Team Leader(s) and Team Member(s).




  2. Added Content

    • Pilot Licenses can be assigned into a database by navy Into Derma Panel
    • AOS System for Shock
    • Event Scoreboard
      • You can get rewarded for being 1st, 2nd or 3rd in events now.
        • 1st - 3000 Points
        • 2nd - 1000 Points
        • 3rd - 500 Points

    Updated Content

    • Added all commands to ulx under Imperial Gaming Tab
    • Updated Keycards to show
      • Pilot License Level
      • AOS Status

    Bugs Fixed

    • FastDL sync error
    • Jetpacks Error

    Upcoming Content

    • Varied Orders System
    • Booking System


    Special Thanks to our Developers, Specifically two newcomers to the development team:



    Content will be added when I get up in the morning.

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  3. It's not that we're idiots we just don't see the point in having to disable taunts. Like someone said we have event jobs, civ jobs and personally I don't see the point in disabling "act dance" because one or two people dance in the mess hall. It instills discipline on our server giving our players a sense of freedom but enforcing rules that we have in place.

    Admin outlines have something to do with PAC 3 and their scuffed rendering doesn't happen all the time usually just required someone to cloak and uncloak again. It's not at the top of my list for things to do at it probably never will be.

    The IG logo in the recruit room has nothing to do with development of the server, its part of the addons rendering so it doesn't double render when placed on a surface.

    We are also looking for developers and I've accepted you application for an interview, I suggest you change your tone in the interview.

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