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  1. 2 hours ago, EpicEzale said:

    Second server with just everything the same (files copied) would be good and if one server is full you just go on the next one.

    Already discussed this and decided against it as it would split our player base.

  2. 5 hours ago, SCHEFF said:

    On a side note...

    There are multiple locations where these boards are placed and it is helpful that all players get to see where tryouts are being held instead of just Navy, ISB, Government and IHC (booking and managing this stuff isn't relevant to ISB anyway). These boards are placed by IHC, in the Logistics Centre and at each typical bookable area (MH1, MH2 & TIE Bays).


    @charles this is already a thing - what he said

  3. Accepted for the Interview phase

    Present these at your interview

    1. Present The rest of your icon set
      1. Category Icon
      2. New User Icon
      3. New General Staff Icon
      4. New Managment Icon
      5. New Donator Icon
      6. AOS Menu Icon
      7. Pilot Licence Menu Icon
      8. Event Board Menu Icon
      9. Home Icon
    2. Template for a Forum Tag Icon
      1. Should be in photoshop file format so that it can be edited

    Interviews will take place on Saturday / Sunday, give me a time when you are available on those days. Make sure you completed the above menu set so I can see a demonstration of your skills.

    1. All Content must be in a zip file named Yourname_Interview and uploaded to Dropbox
      1. All PSD's must be in a Folder named PSDs
      2. All PNG's must be in a Folder named PNGs
    2. All Images must have a transparent background, no square images
    3. All Images must be of your own work
    4. All Images must be a unique design and must be basic and not cluttered
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