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  1. @Deathaxx i made it in
  2. Accepted PM me your available times on Saturday / Sunday
  3. Accepted PM me your available times on Saturday / Sunday
  4. Gmod doesnt support above 128 players do your research before you post suggestions thanks.
  5. Already discussed this and decided against it as it would split our player base.
  6. @Whitey you know i literally feed the ******* server crack cocaine all day long just so we can be the #1 Australian Server
  7. Martibo

    128/128 Players

    +1 application accepted
  8. Whitey's words: ELIMINATE HIM They shot first so i mean like
  9. @Snow we havent used them yet anyway so always subject to change
  10. Just icons from the net i dont mind tbh as we arent paying or selling the icons
  11. Accepted // Interview will be taken place ASAP message me on the forums with available times from Thursday - Sunday
  12. Probably Recommend lowering the contrast of the background as its too bright
  13. @charles this is already a thing - what he said
  14. NOTE: When reading our changelogs keep in mind our developers have spent hours creating this custom content for you, so do show us support and provide any feedback about what we are making. If your intentions are to take our content Ideas and put it on your server and or steal images/icons from this post then it shows how low some communities are going just to get an edge on us. Added Content 3D/2D Billboards for Booking system + Menu to edit footer text This integrates with our booking system and updates live to all billboards on the server! Def
  15. It's more of a common sense idea that you don't interrupt (stop/excessive interruption) a regiments tryouts, Otherwise, there will be OOC consequences no matter your role on the server.
  16. Accepted, I am in a bit of need for a Website developer - Message me on the forums ASAP and I will get in touch with you about an Interview time.
  17. Martibo

    Cant Join Server

    So whats the actual issue here? 1. You cant connect? 2. Your gmod crashes?
  18. Accepted for the Interview phase Present these at your interview Present The rest of your icon set Category Icon New User Icon New General Staff Icon New Managment Icon New Donator Icon AOS Menu Icon Pilot Licence Menu Icon Event Board Menu Icon Home Icon Template for a Forum Tag Icon Should be in photoshop file format so that it can be edited Interviews will take place on Saturday / Sunday, give me a time when you are available on those days. Make sure y
  19. "Web Designer" /me Starts frothing from mouth Accepted // Interview will be taken place on Saturday / Sunday around 7 PM.
  20. Denied // Can reapply next week starting Monday.
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