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  1. I know I don't really have much say in this community anymore and don't mean to hate on you but most of the servers you've developed for would be called pop-up servers which last for 1-2 months and shut down. They could also be considered one server because I think RG has had the same owner(s) / people behind it for a few servers now. You'd also have to understand if you ever did get developer on here you'd have little to no access to the server and have to make your own scripts for quite a long time before you're trusted.

    I'm not saying you're a bad developer by any means but the communities you've been apart of arent very trustworthy, have stolen content and claimed it as their own and or have a terrible reputation which makes me want to give a -1

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  2. I'm not trying to exclude people from being rewarded in-game however the only Reason Developers have powers in-game is primarily because if people want to ask questions about development they can ask these players. They are also given a tag in-game so when we want to test things we can just easily assign the "Junior Developer" user group to permissions and it works straight away instead of individual player steam id's.

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  3. @Wolf I believe this ban was for joining the server and then the non-configured odium cheat private messaging everyone on the server to download odium cheats. Personally, I don't mind if he's unbanned however if he's caught again he should be community banned and no second chance will take place.

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  4. NOTE:

    This month has been fairly productive, due to university exams and year 12 exams our dev team has been cut down a little bit on creating content for the server but in the upcoming month a lot new cool and interesting things are going to be implemented on the server.

    Added Content

    • Halloween Update
      • Changed Scoreboard for Halloween
      • Changed Healthbar for Halloween
      • Added Halloween props around the Deathstar
    • Reduced Tickrate to 16 from 25
    • Death screen Added
      • A New Death screen has been added to our server, we're probably going to keep this until we decide to remove it
    • Global Bans Added
      • We have configured global bans to work on our server, the main purpose of this is to track player bans through our website - Select staff are able to remove and edit bans via this web panel  <https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/>.
      • image.thumb.png.ca5a0d31cf54eae4c02dbe63de98d8e3.png
    • Development Server
      • Setup sub-users and FTP access for our Junior Developers to access their own Development server, they will be able to create and test their add-ons on here.
    • Imperial Gaming Database
      • This has been introduced to the server in order for the future implementation of a new game mode and website stuff we're working on more information on this in the coming month!
    • New Forum Tags
      • Made by Martibo :)

    Updated Content

    • Scoreboard
      • Updated Scoreboard to Include Banner and IG Logo, as well as the current amount of staff online.
      • image.png
    • Health Bar
      • Now shows the difference between your standard health and your bonus health on your character
    • Temp Jobs
      • Fixed a bug that caused a lot of lag when removing people from their jobs
      • Changed Commands to:
        • !tempjobset <player> <job_index>
        • !tempjobrem <player>
    • Booking System
      • Fixed the booking system to show available booking venues on the rp_deathstar map
    • Swap Command
      • Now Supports up to 3 player models to swap between
    • Cloak Glitch
      • Fixed Climbswep to make it so a black circle doesn't show underneath the player
    • Handcuffs
      • Elastic Restraints are shorter in length

    Upcoming Content

    • Level and Perk System
      • Your Level will potentially get you Points that you can assign to the Skill Tree, these Perks will grant you bonuses in the game.
    • Hit System for Bounty Hunters
      • A Simple hit system for the Bounty Hunter role, essentially allowing players to walk up to bounty hunters and request hits - the player must be the appropriate rank in order to request a hit.
      • Bounty hunters will be able to see their active hit in their hits menu.
    • Pointshop
      • Buying and Selling buttons will have confirmation actions so that you don't accidentally buy or sell items.
    • New Gamemode
      • :)

    Graphic Teaser (Made by Martibo)


    Special thanks to the following people for making this month's updates possible

    @Moose @Pablo @Ragetank + Others that helped here and there

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    Oh.. wait not yet.

    Halloween is just around the corner and I have another task for you, Get someone to take a photo of you in front of the scarecrow in Tie Hanger 62-N9 and reply attach it to this post. Oh yeah, this post gets locked at 11pm and only the people that post in here will be added to the Reward count.


    1. Do not post any images other than the required image

    2. You are allowed to take group photos with your regiment only (Tag the other person with @)

    3. Do not add other props to the setting

    4. Include all in-game names as well

    5. Must be a first person Image


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  6. Firstly in my opinion the DS is too compact / complex of a map to run something like this on. Having lots of droids running around would be cool but it's a lot more complex than you think. We would require smart NPC's with AI nodes and would need to talk to King Pommes about that, in other words its a lot of work for something that I personally don't see would be a good use of the development teams time.


    Oh.. wait not yet.

    It's getting to that time of year, we don't usually celebrate anything like this but this year I thought it would be a bit of fun to change from the norm and have a bit of fun on the server. Over the next 2 Weeks, the server will be festive this means there will be some Halloween inspired events and Halloween Inspired server elements.

    There will also be a special event occurring in-game where you can potentially earn yourself a festive item on the pointshop forever. It starts now and will continue for the next 2 weeks details of the event may be included in other posts made by me or hints given by me in game (Don't ask for hints I might give you one if you're near a clue however) for the next 2 weeks. If you find any clues relating to the puzzle in-game you can talk about it with your friends but don't spoil the fun by spreading them over OOC. Also you need to come to me in order to actually get the prize so you need to complete the clues in order and do the tasks they tell you to do otherwise you won't be rewarded.

    Be careful not to get, SPOOKED this holiday season.


    Current Tracking (Come find me in-game to complete your current Clue)




    FIND ME!

    Stay away, *Cough* I think I have the Halloween fever.

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