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  1. +1 What he said he should be able to bring more life to events big ol plus one
  2. +1 -Been in the community for a very long time -Mature -Would not abuse PAC3 Good luck
  3. +1 -Really mature -Very trustworthy -Great roleplayer Can't wait to see what he can do with PAC3 Cool Dood
  4. +1 -Really thought out and well written app -Very mature -Seems like a really creative person Low key best ISB member shhhh...
  5. Slick

    Even More Posing

    +1 These are masterpieces bellissimo
  6. Happy birthday you big ol meme boi
  7. +1 Events would become so much more organised with this
  8. +1 - Probably one of the most trustworthy people on the server - Also one of the most active people on the server - Really friendly guy - Has been on the server for ages Good luck blitz mah boi
  9. +1 - Really active - Friendly and mature - Would not abuse PAC I have worked with tatsu multiple times at MHC he can be trusted
  10. +1 -He has been trusted with senior moderator -Been around for about 9 months -I've seen him being pretty active lately he is on when i am on most of the time -Amazing at RP can't wait to see what he can do with PAC3 Good luck kingsbury
  11. W E L C O M E B A C K M Y D O O D
  12. +1 Long serving community member loyal and trustworthy when he needs to be C O O L G U Y
  13. +1 This is chef of course he needs this also he is low key the best secretary
  14. +1 Very well written app and he is a really good guy and can definitely be trusted with PAC3
  15. +1 He deserves it very trustworthy and look how long dis dude has been around
  16. Slick

    Addon Suggestion

    +1 Would be extremely helpful
  17. +1 Can definitely be trusted with PAC3 no warns can't wait to see what he can do with it
  18. +1 I think he can be trusted with PAC3 he seems responsible
  19. +1 Friendly active and a nice guy
  20. What is your in game name: Slick Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:76427019 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113119767/ Play time: 2 Weeks 1 day and 18 hours Have you used PAC before: I have small amount of PAC3 during single player but I wouldn’t say I am proficient in the slightest at this, I still have much more room for improvement. Somethings I could do to obtain experience and proficiency in PAC3 are: Practicing in Singleplayer, asking help from others, watching YouTube tutorials, etc. Why should
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