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  1. +1 for a few reasons. - Active Member of the Community - Very Responsible - Past Experience is also a plus. - The events you have proposed look well thought out and seem like they'd be a good time. Good luck mate!
  2. Definitely along the lines of what Delta mentioned. Taking that extra step so to speak and working on all sorts of developments from small devices to large ships. Doing R&D and all that sort of stuff. Just finding the time to make that all work is a pain
  3. Some great examples of re-texturing and customising models here and, of a diverse range too. Looks great! +1
  4. +1 Both of the events you have presented here appear to be thoroughly planned. Personally the idea of having events specifically tailored to singular or multiple regiments through making use of their unique purposes is pretty cool (i.e. ISC flying regiments in or Navy acting as support, or even the idea of Event 2's Joint Task-force style). So long as everyone gets to have a go in the long run which, I assume would come from simply running more events like these for other regiments, then all good! Despite 4 warns, the past is just that, the past. All of our reactions have been great
  5. There's some pretty different-in-a-good-way/creative examples in here. +1
  6. Bump, thanks very much for your feedback Updates, overhauls and tweaks have been made!
  7. Thanks for your reply and the feedback, has given me things to consider I'll update these asap
  8. UPDATE - I have now joined Navy Engineers, however I believe much of the application made prior is translatable, the main points still valid and thus nothing has been removed, only edited or added to. Steam Name: Cue SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:45434601 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051134931/ In Game Name: Engineer Apprentice Caros "Queball" Antares - Formerly Lieutenant [STC-♌/♏] Queball Time Played Imperial RP: Three weeks, five days and two hours, give or take some hours due to being AFK on the server here or there. Time Pl
  9. Background Queball, real name Caros Antares, was born on Corulag 37 years ago, 18 years before the formation of the Galactic Empire. Caros was adopted by an Officer in the Republic, and grew up under the Republic's protection on a core world. His guardian served dutifully under both Supreme Chancellors Finis Valorum and Sheev Palpatine, and unofficially trained Caros over the years starting from a young age, teaching him various skills and techniques valuable to a soldier. Due to this close proximity to the Republic Hierarchy, Caros saw firsthand the decent into the anarchy of the Clone W
  10. Welcome again Biff! Enjoy yourself and the server!
  11. Yes, again! Hey peoples, I've had some time to take a break and I just wanted to pop my head in and say hi, and I look forward to catching up with some of you and meeting others too! Cheers, Cue.
  12. Hey all, it comes with no surprise to some of you that I up and vanished at least two months ago, shortly after leaving Naval Guard. Truth is, I was so burnt out, not from issues of being *in* naval guard, but leading it after it's struggles for a short time left me, frankly, too tired to get back into the game. I'd firstly like to apologise to those in ST that I left without a Major, regardless of whether or not I had a commanding presence in the regiment, I always felt somewhat intrusive on the fine group you already made yourselves to be, and I have nothing but respect for each of you
  13. Hey all! For those who don't know me, I've been Commander of NG for awhile now after the previous Megatron moved on from the Regiment. Before that, i've been a part of Naval Guard for roughly 5 months now, and have loved almost every second of not only being in the regiment, but hanging out with some great people in Navy and other regiments. It's been a blast being able to guard some of the higher ups of the Empire and being able to live that NG legacy and carry it on for some time. Like all good things, however, my run with Naval Guard has come to an end, but it's definitely an end I wanted t
  14. As Nero said, it sounds like the best plan is to delete all your addons, but yeah, it doesn't stop there, I've had to remove my Gmod completely and unsubscribe from addons, only to resubscribe to them all again once I redownloaded gmod. It's usually because there's a heap of addons that are clogging up the game and your computer. But before you try all of that, try doing what Nero said, which 98% of the time fixes all the issues. Right click on Gmod in the library tab and go to properties --> Local Files --> Verify Identity of Game Files and let it run for awhile until it either finds th
  15. Steam Name: CueballSteam ID: 76561198051134931In game name and rank: Naval Guard [02] Queball (Equivalent to a Navy Commander) Time Played: 1 Week, 3 Hours, 44 MinutesWhy are you applying for this position?: I saw the recent requirement for Moderators for the sake of maintaining this server. I've been playing on Imperial Gaming for a couple of months now, and have found the time both enjoyable and memorable. Furthermore, I decided to make this application to see what I myself could do to offer my judgement to situations that need to be dealt with, to help those tha
  16. +1 It's looking a lot sleeker and shinier, plus if it's lore friendly, hey, all the better.
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