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  1. Yes, again! Hey peoples, I've had some time to take a break and I just wanted to pop my head in and say hi, and I look forward to catching up with some of you and meeting others too! Cheers, Cue.
  2. Hey all, it comes with no surprise to some of you that I up and vanished at least two months ago, shortly after leaving Naval Guard. Truth is, I was so burnt out, not from issues of being *in* naval guard, but leading it after it's struggles for a short time left me, frankly, too tired to get back into the game. I'd firstly like to apologise to those in ST that I left without a Major, regardless of whether or not I had a commanding presence in the regiment, I always felt somewhat intrusive on the fine group you already made yourselves to be, and I have nothing but respect for each of you
  3. Hey all! For those who don't know me, I've been Commander of NG for awhile now after the previous Megatron moved on from the Regiment. Before that, i've been a part of Naval Guard for roughly 5 months now, and have loved almost every second of not only being in the regiment, but hanging out with some great people in Navy and other regiments. It's been a blast being able to guard some of the higher ups of the Empire and being able to live that NG legacy and carry it on for some time. Like all good things, however, my run with Naval Guard has come to an end, but it's definitely an end I wanted t
  4. Steam Name: CueballSteam ID: 76561198051134931In game name and rank: Naval Guard [02] Queball (Equivalent to a Navy Commander) Time Played: 1 Week, 3 Hours, 44 MinutesWhy are you applying for this position?: I saw the recent requirement for Moderators for the sake of maintaining this server. I've been playing on Imperial Gaming for a couple of months now, and have found the time both enjoyable and memorable. Furthermore, I decided to make this application to see what I myself could do to offer my judgement to situations that need to be dealt with, to help those tha
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