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  1. Yes! Which reminds me, on a completely unrelated fact, the ILC is always open, day and night. https://forms.gle/qGc8GUw3g5yihbEWA
  2. Something a bit different this time, the Imperial Galactic Marine! Which is, yeah, basically a Galactic Marine x) This idea hit me after a browse of the various units within the Empire and though, while this one is a bit more ambiguous in terms of their service in the Empire, I thought I'd give it a crack. This one is another essential retexture, specifically playing with the colours for the head, body, cape and glove materials and placing a stormtrooper medical backpack on the back of the model and replacing the shoulderplates/arms with a stormtrooper's. After a bit of playing around with
  3. So it's a bit cursed, but it's my first time doing a full rextexture so, you know, bear with me x) Presenting the new Royal Stormtrooper! It all started with a base model Stormtrooper, (t posing model is here as a placeholder) and I had one goal in mind, make it *red*. How? Well, I was going to do the one thing i'd been meaning to do for a good while now, go into the files and manually retexture it all. After having tweaked everything all that was left was the hands, and beyond that I thought about how to improve it, this part got a bit trickier, but I knew it would definit
  4. 10/10 Would be Furst Captain again
  5. Goodbye my dude, it's been a fun run, wish you all the best in the future
  6. I sort of wanted to stay out of this out of a sense to avoid causing further drama. However, I feel as though a point needs to be made here. As disappointing as the incident in the reactor room was, the other day, it was in my opinion all built on a misunderstanding that could have been avoided, however, let's move past that for the moment. @Gloskofirst of all, thanks for coming forward and making this post and I'm glad to see this as a means to improve relations between Sith and other Regiments. I for one don't want to see regiments (including Engineers) and the entirety of Sith come to
  7. Wishing you the best of luck in the future Radcop! I'm certainly one of the more recent additions to the long list of encounters on the server, but I want to thank you for what you've done in giving faith and assistance through having played a large role in making Navy such a welcoming group of regiments. I also want to thank you for being one of the group of key people who inspire me as an Engineer CO, you, Delta and Crofty taught and continue to teach me so much about what it takes to be an ENG CO, something I never thought I would have ever been, but have enjoyed thoroughly. It's been a sho
  8. Pro desk builder Jk something sustainable to provide for a comfortable life for myself and my family.
  9. Can I bring a desk? Serious though, always good to see what's coming in the future for IG, looking forward to it.
  10. what type of clothes do you buy? - Polo shirts, shorts, T-Shirts etc. Do you prioritise sneakers over your tops / pants? - Much for muchness, I would buy more clothes than I do sneakers, but I find I spend more money on sneakers in general, for comfort, not necessarily for brand type. Do you think clothing is unnecessary? - Not at all, I think it's a good idea to have a wide range of clothes. Do you think spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothes is a waste? - I think it depends on what you need, to me, there's nothing wrong with buying five comfy and nice looking shirts
  11. Abe's Oddysee on PC Super Mario Bros 3 and Star Wars A New Hope on my Parents' Nintendo NES which managed to carry on well into the mid 2010s, that thing was insane. Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights, Shrek 2, X Men Legends Series on the PS2 and, of course, anything Star Wars, including this beauty
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