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  1. So... No regiment interests me anymore other than ISB which are currently full. I mean i like Navy but i dont know what to do half the time any advice cheers. Mainz
  2. Nah all good fam, you can join the rich bois on the 17th
  3. Ok so just a quick post, but as we all know battlefront 2 is just around the corner for some of us and i'd like to gather a group of peeps and jam late nights. If anyone is interested please put it down and jam with the memeing people. Cheers Mainz
  4. You've both done a good job. But the OG Krennic takes the spot.
  5. Same my dude, i'd love to become a member of ISB i look up to you everyday Krennic
  6. Sucullunt delicious map @LordTrilobite
  7. Well maybe the staff team and yes not all but most shouldn't have just came out and thought it was all to me not becoming a secretary like i'll say once again. This is an issue i'm experiencing yes if staff disagree with the situation then they should say well mainz you've made a good statement blah blah blah, but we strongly disagree with with the situation. Not like Pull your head in we don't care about your time etc. In my eyes this was heart breaking coming from such a good community and they aswell need to think about the words they've said to me.
  8. Yes chef. Because this is not about me not gaining the secretary role please understand this. This is not a point the finger at chef issue, I've seen it with others throughout the server. Thanks Mainz
  9. 100% agree with you. We do have to suck up things in life and move on. However I did post this issue to gain advice or support with the issue and not for the staff team to absolutely go out and diss me for this.
  10. There is no need to be extremely pissed off for some ones opinion it's like me liking Donald trump then you being extremely pissed off about it. This was not just because i didn't make it into the secretary role I've experienced it throughout the entire server not just myself but others aswell. Sure you can say I'm calling you guys out well you're in the wrong there in my opinion. At least I am one of the very few to have the guts to bring this issue out. And you being extremely pissed off about it is not the correct mana I do apologise if this looks to be I'm pointing the finger at @Chef
  11. Ok I see how the process goes Thanks Mainz
  12. So you are saying even if a non staff player has 4week+ on the server and a player who has only about 1.5 week of playtime and gets staff they are trusted and won't abuse there powers.
  13. Yes fair statement. But this issue is not regarding commanders. This issue is simply for e.x Grand inquisitor, Generals, Secretarys etc. Yes this problem doesn't happen all the time I agree, but it definitely has a big percentage overthe roles I know I've been given PAC3 and I understand some staff members don't have it. But keep in mind those staff members either haven't applied OR have recently received there staff position. Thanks Mainz
  14. Ok. If you didn't understand I'm pointing out any high up jobs which you then tryout/apply for are most likely going to be staff. Secondly you say explain how most of our commander's are not staff. Hmm good question maybe perhaps the server would rather have money than a long trusted member take the important role. Thanks Mainz
  15. This in any shape or form is NOT directly towards Chef and his Secretary position.Earlier the Grand Inquisitor position was out on as a tryout literally half the server tried out. In the second round all the staff members were picked out. Please don't just assume me trying to get this message out means I'm directly hitting Chef. Thanks Mainz
  16. OK so i've come across this many times in the server if a new role is put out their you'll be asked to tryout/apply for it if you do so and you're not a staff member you're a most likely to be not picked. This is a common issue i've experienced within the server and wish for this to be stopped and let other members of the community have a chance along with a lot of the time the players who cannot or just simply like to type other than speak out loud using a mic also have a low chance of being picked for the role. I believe and i'm sure a lot of others would as well, needs to stop from this poi
  17. Well done @Wolf. Kosmos was honestly one of the best GMod starwars rp owners i've ever met and thank you so much for your dedication into this server and I wish you all the best in the future and to hope you stick with us for awhile. Congratulations Wolf with taking on the role as the new IG Community Owner we all know this decision was the best to proceed with as you're a long time member and loyal to our community On behalf of the IG Community we all are deeply thankful for such a great move Kosmos has done for us to bring such a great staff member to bring the same experience and kindness K
  18. I main torbjorn he's pretty small and hard to hit
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