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  1. I don't know if Inferno have already gotten these models yet but here ya go https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224219040&searchtext= @Maffa146 EDITED: YOU'VE ALREADY GOT THEM DISREGARD POST
  2. Wow pubg ewww, FORTNITE ALL THE WAY! nah for reals im down for a pub match sometime
  3. i'm sorry but this looks to be not taken very seriously
  4. Barron my mate, i'm going to miss the good times with you as the Grand Inquisitor dogging inquisitors for engineer then rejoining inquisitors. Good luck with your future and stay strong we'll love to hear from you soon.
  5. Ooh I'm sorry to hear that Edward's I'm sure she will stay for years to come Jesus is watching her keep strong dude
  6. Long way before you'll get that my friend look how long it took fox to get from brigadier to major general hoo we.
  7. @Ridge you can start wearing this in December or everyone can wear it in decemeber?
  8. I'll start 1. MHC Secretary 2. Commander for any regiment 3. Maybe Inferno Squad Yep that's all my wishes who knows maybe they'll be granted. Let's hear yours
  9. just get the engineers dude i'm sure they'll be good for what you need if not i'm always down
  10. Ayee that was me in the blue in screenshots 5 and 6 in the final duel
  11. lol it's not real it's going into del meeko's past doesnt mean shore will make an appearance but they most likely will
  12. I know who you are and you're a pretty decent rplayer but overall i think you're just trying to send this out as an app advertisement or maybe i'm wrong. Otherwise NEUTRAL
  13. My man @spodr with the HOT Supreme Prophet congrats you halo pleb
  14. So early this year in April i played a crap ton of Wizard101 my dream and all time favourite game got to level 110 before the new world came out as a fire wiz, eventually my mates and I started getting bored after completing the worlds so i felt like purchasing GMod to join afew starwars servers and that's where i came across IG, once i joined IG i was trained by the lovely VF Commander Wilson back on rishimoon and loved his positivity and passion so i followed up on him and joined VF after making my way to master sergeant in VF I tried out for Royal Guard to find out i didnt make it in i was
  15. I feel the same way, i hate being a low rank whilst roleplaying i wish i was up there as a commander but unfortuantly i suffer and have to stand around trying to get promoted. The only thing that is clinging me onto the server is caboose. Caboose has done so much for me on this server and i don't want to leave it for the hard work he has done trying to get me my positions i've wanted etc. Yes i wouldve left the community if it wasnt for caboose and the kind people i've met along the way
  16. Cheers guys will take into consideration
  17. :'( i don't want to start over as a pvt i'm sorry wombat
  18. I disagree with the rest but agree in some aspects, therefore you have completely ignored the warns you've been given however, everyone in this universe deserves a second chance. We are a loving community and i'd say +1 as i see you despritaly want to join back and show us you're worthy
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