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  1. Amen brother!

    This issue happens on a daily bases not only with Ridge but most staff members.

    As an ex member of Military High Command, i'd see nearly everyday staff members tping into MHC and having a mass shootup giggling around and just ruining rp for others because they (apparently can do whatever they like as a admin). This needs to be fixed ASAP

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  2. In my eyes I don't think you are that capable of being staff just yet. You don't intend to give out clear reasons as to why you are leaving then a simple "just done with the server" in your first resignation. I'm going to come out and voice my own opinion with the way you treat me, back in the day as an inquisitor we both enjoyed each others company, and we both trusted each other. Now after the farewell to Inquisitors and me voicing my own opinion about how staff get a higher chance with important roles. You said you didn't trust me and I'll just abuse all my powers in your eyes. You know that kinda hurt me coming from you but anyhow.

    -1 Due to behaviour along with not knowing if you will stay in the community since you did leave the community for another.

    Good luck.

  3. 6 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:



    Get this. 

    You call her a "nasty foul person" yet from what I have seen in this post is everything that describes what you just said. 

    Now, of course, I do not agree with everything Maxine has said in her post either. However, she has said it in somewhat of a professional manner. Mature. Professional. Whatever, doesn't matter.

    What does matter is that I'm just trying to get the point through that you need to calm down a bit, and look at it rationally. 

    I'm not trying to start shit with this btw, so if this does somehow trigger someone please PM me. 



    Ok, I agree I've removed some of the nasty things that came out of me and tried to be a little more polite

  4. 1 minute ago, Twinkie said:

    Woah Mainz.

    Look I'm sure Maxine didn't mean to hurt your feelings or give you the shit, it is her own opinion. But bringing up past doings that have been controversial and saying really rude things is not needed as they are completely irrelevant to the subject of the post, being a post about peaving the community. These are all people's opinions and the reaction you expressed was not necessary to this. This is a touchy subject but why don't we tone it down a bit and keep the opinions constructive and not negative.


    We are all more mature than this fighting that has happened.

    Well she's gone out and told people to ignore me i'm not letting that slip by and all i want is my rep up no.

  5. 1 hour ago, Maffa146 said:

    This post, (like others) aren't that necessary. Things change for people, and like Puppy and El they decided to come back after the community overwhelmingly supported them. 

    However, people like Mainz (sorry) don't give a clear intention to why they are leaving and just "bye" without zero thought.


    Someone in the comments brought up the fact that someone may be leaving because of the fact that the server is just less interesting. Now in this person's case, they recently put out 2 posts  (one leaving, one coming back). They state that the server is getting boring, however they said they will be less active and that they'll be coming back. There is 0 point to this regardless.


    Yes, I agree with this statement, and people making posts saying their leaving and coming back soon after is a little issue, however your post does not clear that at all.

    And again, MAINZ, were stuck with 2 posts of you 1) I'm leaving and 2) I'll be less active. Making a whole new forum post wasn't necessary. It would of easily been resolved had you of commented on the original post.


    All in all, if they decide to come back (With little or no reason to leave in the first place) just ignore them. It's clearly a publicity stunt to which their trying to get their post and rep count up. And this is evident with multiple individuals. 


    OK let's begin.

    "I'm leaving IG for a bit idk how long and idk if I will return"

    Doesn't this say Im leaving for a bit idk how long and if I will return mean I've officially left? NOOO, it doesn't. It clearly points out I'm going away for a bit whilst deciding if I will return! If I was leaving for good [obviously that's what you want] I would've said permanently leaving IG, not for a bit. I even clearly replied to people on the same post saying "Don't worry I will most likely return" maybe go back and check the whole post before coming out and trying to give me crap for apparently He left and now decided to come back bullshit. I'm sorry but it's people like YOU who trigger me. You've also gone out and given other people horrible names like calling them NAZI'S.

    Give me all the shit in the world, bully me do whatever. You also say I'm finding the server less interesting, well yes I do is there a problem with that? and I don't want to fully leave IG so I made the next choice to jump on the server from Time to Time to check it out. Yes, I will be less active because I'm ONLY coming on from time to time like I have stated a trillion times. No, I haven't instantly returned to the server yet, I'm still going to be away from it for awhile so I can come back refreshed and take it at a slower pace. That second post of mine is telling everyone who CARES I'm returning to the server after a bit like I said in my first post that I could possibly do.

    Now telling everyone to ignore me is just absolutely pathetic coming from a staff member, and that obviously all I want is rep count up, I couldn't care less if it was high or low.

    Seriously take a look at yourself before you start any more trouble with others. For example earlier you -1'd my Tier 2 App, yep keep up. What feedback did you give me? nothing just a -1 so I PM'D you what the issue is and what did you do. Accused me of being inactive and that I should've told you why I was inactive. So I replied with I didn't need to tell you simply because you don't work with me on the server, in fact, you're the complete opposite of what I do. What did you do? you had a hissy fit at me saying I'm being a smartass!? Like cm'on my dude you take things the wrong way to fast and negatively.

    So next time before you start shit with me open your eyes.

    I apologize if this is harsh but if I'm going, to be honest, you've just really pushed me.

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  6. Well most of the goodbye's are because the person isn't enjoying the server anymore, people go through these stages and go "oohhh" ill make a goodbye post. Like my post i said idk if i will return because i'm not getting that excitement from the server  and also i said i will most likely return just wont be as active.

  7. 2 hours ago, KIX said:

    I remember making that pac...

    Oh well probably just a coincidence.


    Yeah I guess it's creative and simple for people to make as that is how the Grand Inquisitor looks like.

    1 hour ago, Fox said:

    Did you read anything i said?

    I said i wanted him to extend himself in Tier 1 so we couod all know that he could be able to correctly use the functions enabled in tier 2. Im not saying that his pacs have to be god tier incredible, im saying that the stuff he has put in his app, to me, does not show that he is able to incorporate most functions into his pac. So far all i can see is modeling and bone merging, theres actually so much more to tier 1 then just that, such as - Events, Text, Some jiggles, blur effects, scaleing, sizing, cliping and so much more. If he cannot use the functions given to him in Tier 1, then whats the use of giving him tier 2 if he cant even use it? That was all i was saying. To answer your question on "How could he show what je could do with tier 2 if he doesnt have it?", although i have already expressed that i wanted him to excell in tier 1, not tier 2 as you may have misread, you can actually make tier 2 pacs. On Gmod, theres a glorious thing called Single Player, where you can literally play with all addons and PAC3 is not restricted. If he really wanted, and im not saying this is compulsory, he could go in and make tier 2 pacs and show them off along with the tier 1. That, along with tier 1 pacs, would demonstrate that he is fit to use the new tools that may be given to him. By the way, no where in my response did i say that everyone has to be on my level, ive seen heaps of really simple pacs that i enjoy looking at and at times have been astounded at how simple they are. The reason i respond to these apps with criticism is to make the users actually get the tier2 or tier 1 by having them change their app for the better. Not because i want to show off and tell everyone that i am "better". 

    It's ok Fox people have different opinions in life haha.

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