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  1. Give me SW Commander before u go :'(
  2. Amen brother! This issue happens on a daily bases not only with Ridge but most staff members. As an ex member of Military High Command, i'd see nearly everyday staff members tping into MHC and having a mass shootup giggling around and just ruining rp for others because they (apparently can do whatever they like as a admin). This needs to be fixed ASAP
  3. Oh god, all the kind people of IG are leaving. I wish you the best of luck for the future.
  4. Uhhh yes, I was recently called inactive for taking 2 days of the server pahahaha. +1
  5. Maybe they could be implemented into the server and I could be the mimban Commander, pfft in my dreams.
  6. Ok, I agree I've removed some of the nasty things that came out of me and tried to be a little more polite
  7. Well she's gone out and told people to ignore me i'm not letting that slip by and all i want is my rep up no.
  8. OK let's begin. "I'm leaving IG for a bit idk how long and idk if I will return" Doesn't this say Im leaving for a bit idk how long and if I will return mean I've officially left? NOOO, it doesn't. It clearly points out I'm going away for a bit whilst deciding if I will return! If I was leaving for good [obviously that's what you want] I would've said permanently leaving IG, not for a bit. I even clearly replied to people on the same post saying "Don't worry I will most likely return" maybe go back and check the whole post before coming out and trying to give me crap for apparently H
  9. Well most of the goodbye's are because the person isn't enjoying the server anymore, people go through these stages and go "oohhh" ill make a goodbye post. Like my post i said idk if i will return because i'm not getting that excitement from the server and also i said i will most likely return just wont be as active.
  10. Steam Name: Restless RP Name: MHC Secretary Mainz Steam ID/Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166249390/ Time On Server (More than 1 week and a half & photo evidence):
  11. These models are outstanding you've completely gotten rid of starkillers face and remodeled it to perfection. These models actually look like dark force users rather than the runescape plebs
  12. Merry Christmas I hope you all got what you wanted and especially had a wonderful time with the family.
  13. Sullust Sullust is a barren, obsidian filled world with lava streams and turquoise lakes. located in the Sullust sector of the Outer Rim territories. Sullust was an open world/homeland to the species Sullustans, (Nien Numb Looking Blokes) which was taken over by the imperial army. The native animals that are known to live on Sallust lay down to rest mainly underground due to the planet being Mid-Highly Toxicated. The planet eventually came under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Empire following the proclamation of the New Order, and was reduced to vassal status and a source of fuel for th
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