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  1. 2 hours ago, pinejack said:

    NEUTRAL- Although your PAC3 skills have approved, and you have a better playtime now, these PAC3 examples are still SUPER GENERIC. I would suggest trying to come up with something more unique than a backpack, comms, karma, cape, robot leg or helmet attachment as everyone with PAC3 has these.


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  2. 2 hours ago, Uncle_BobbyB said:

    Let's get a huge  +1 for this legend

    Brass is a very well known and loved member of this community and with such a friendly personality, he is easy to approach and talk to. He hasn't broken any rules at all lately and has certainly improved since his ban. He is an active member who loves to hang out with and talk to people, I also know for a fact that he will not abuse any of his powers and keep his actions professional. Therefore I believe he would make an excellent addition to the staff team.

    Good luck Brass you legend.


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  3. 3 hours ago, Uncle_BobbyB said:

    It's a huge +1 for this absolute top bloke. 

    Adam is one of the greatest guys I have had the privilege of knowing in the community and I have never had a problem with him. His friendly, humorous  and  uplifting personality is what everyone loves about him. I  believe he will be a great addition to the staff team.

    Best of luck. 


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  4. 1 hour ago, Twinkie said:

    Now a glorified forums warrior I'll try my best to critique this application fairly :P


    First of all, to the eye, your application is very poorly detailed. As the questions state 1 paragraph, it is expected at least 3 sentences, which for me is an average paragraph. In your answers, you only use comma's to join your words together, and I believe that you could elaborate a lot more upon your answers, as what you have said is good but you need to explain it more. Have a look at some other applications to see the standard of writing you need to meet before meeting people's expectations. I have also seen basic spelling mistakes that are easily fixable, so try and run it through something like Grammarly to help you fix up your answers. 

    Other than the writing part of your application, it looks good. You have enough time, a solid RP rank to use PAC, a roleplay rank that actually makes sense to have Pac, and your examples are quite nice to look at. Yes, people may argue that it is basic, "It doesn't have bonemerge!", "He doesn't edit the bones", "It's not cool!". Although these points may be valid to some people, your examples actually make sense and are very appealing to the naked eye. You obviously know what you are doing, and as you said you are not sure if it is someone's custom model, that model is the VF Commander model. 


    If you can show that you are dedicated and loyal to the server, I can see great things coming.

    Positive Support

    You can edit it while it is still up, so you don't have to take it down when you want to change it.


  5. On 8/17/2018 at 6:21 AM, Basil said:


    Emerald is:

    • Active
    • Friendly 
    • Has extremely good standing within the community 
    • Knowledgeable about the  rules on server
    • Very good application 
    • Previous experience on a multitude of different servers 

    But really its Emerald what else is there to be said? +1 



  6. Name: Lucifer

    Discord Name: Lucifer

    Game Request:


    -Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

    -Arma 3


    -For Honor

    -Tom Clany Wildlands

    -Counter Strike Global Offensive

    -The Forest

    -Hearts of Iron 4

    -Destiny 2

    many more

    Game you play: All of them 


  7. On 7/2/2018 at 9:42 AM, Twinkie said:

    Huge +1

    Morgan is one of the most mature, funny, kind and thoughtful people I have ever met. 

    I am +1'ing because of the following reasons:

    1. Maturity - Morgan is very mature, and I have honestly never seen him create problems for anyone

    2. Previous Experience - He has been an event master and a senior event master on two different servers, both being SWRP, so he would have knowledge of how events work

    3. Application - The application, although not heavily detailed, it is nice to read and doesn't go on for ages so that it doesn't become a chore to read. His events are well planned, and he has listed the necessary details needed

    4. Activity and Dedication - Morgan, although American, dedicates an enormous amount of time to the server, he is active and usually stays on the server for very long periods of time


    Good luck Morgan,



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  8. On 7/14/2018 at 9:32 AM, Keta said:

    +1, capable event master. Reason we have a trial period is to see whether the applicant is good enough for the team. He has shown he's good enough for Event Master, now he just needs to show he'll stay.


  9. 1 hour ago, Fox said:


    Not enough time.

    Short app, not very detailed.

    Poorly formatted.

    Events are not detailed.

    Event Idea 1 isn't even finished.

    Event Idea 1 is one sentence long, with very little grammar.

    Event Idea 2 isn't finished.

    Event Idea 2 makes zero sense.

    Overall just a really poor application.



  10. 12 hours ago, Morgan said:


    • No PAC Experience
    • You literally just rejoined the server
    • Your behavior isn't the best
      • I remember you back when I was Galen Erso, you had issues when It came to orders and you were very rude and disrespectful to your fellow engineers. You often accused them of copying or taking credit for things they didn't create when in reality they were the original owners. You used to poke fun at people's creations and in reality, you weren't a great person to be around. 

    I suggest you download the PAC3 editor and spend the next few days learning how to use the PAC3 editor and provide examples of your PAC creations for this application. I also suggest that you re-assimilate back into the community and take more time to do so.


  11. 5 hours ago, Emerald said:

    Hi Toothy,

    Your application looks like it's been rushed and that you don't really care about taking this seriously.

    • Detail - Literally no detail in this application whatsoever.
    • Activity - I never see you on and when I do, You always seem to be minging in my opinion.
    • Examples - The example that you've provided isn't that interesting, If you can improve on this I may reconsider my response.

    Therefore, I will be giving you a -1.


  12. 1 hour ago, Emerald said:

    Hi Gary,

    This application is very poor and just seems like you rushed it and just didn't care to put enough detail into it.

    • Detail - It's very poor, If you want to at least have a chance of being accepted, I advise you re-write the whole application and make it more detailed.
    • Playtime - You have average playtime, However I don't really see you on or even know who you are.
    • PAC3 Examples - They are very basic and to be honest, I just don't see you getting accepted with those examples.

    Therefore, I will be giving you a -1.


  13. On 5/27/2018 at 7:40 PM, Emerald said:


    Hi Eclipse,

    After reading your application, I believe that you are worthy enough of receiving PAC3 Tier One.

    • Trustworthy
    • Good Intentions
    • Well Known
    • Mature

    Good Luck.



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