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  1. -1 I ask how the server has been and you just go and disrespect ya boy by saying "good, ever since you have been gone." I personally don't care but its still not what you should be saying.
  2. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    I MISS PABLO! If you see him tell him he's a ghee
  3. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    I made this post I will respond to the boys that comment if I want to dog. As I've said ya boy went on a alt cause I wanted to play the game seriously. Didn't know there was any rules about no alts and stuff. You wouldn't understand how gifted you are to be able to play right now.
  4. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    Cyber bully? What you on about brah? I just played the game in a differnt way and gave the guards a job for once. I wasn't bullying anyone and even if I did they bullied me right back with there power. I got abused man you wouldn't understand.
  5. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    Brah ya boy wants to play some Star Wars role play. I ain't no racist it was a joke man I don't have anything against the blacks, actually my friend Bailey is a black and he's Algood. I wanted to go onto an alt to play for real but noooooooo can't do that sadly ;(. I'm sorry that I have fun in the server and don't just do what you are forced to do always. Every server needs the one dumbass and I was been the one dumbass. And you saying this shit irrelevant that's rats dude. Ya boys just wants to get unbanned so he can be a pro role player.
  6. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    Bro listen, I know what I did wrong, I wrote something on a wall causing a 1 week banned which I understand i needed it. But come on man i really wanted to play so of corse i would try getting on a alt. I wanted to start playing for real today and you guys just dogged the boys. Please man a 2 week holiday is coming up for my school and you give me a 2 week banned for trying to have fun. I beg it is put down to 7 again or lower. Im sorry im just a memeie guy and I like to have fun with other players and not just play full on always but please man dont dog me out to the point where ya boy cant p
  7. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    Bro you did as much shit wrong as i did that night. You were fail rping a shit tone arresting me for doing nothing wrong. Your a dog.
  8. Jerzo

    Jerzo Ban Appeal

    In-game alias: Jerzo Your SteamID: vJerzo When was the ban: 2/07/2017 How long is the ban: 1 Week Which admin banned you: Revan Explain the situation: I had been minging the pass two days and got many warnings so I decided to stop. It is 4 am so i thought the admins and players were more chill about the hole role play as no one was even doing so. So me been Jerzo i thought it would be funny to make a little joke on my friend writing the wood "Ni**er" on the wall. Admins saw and gave me a warning then just banned me because I had been warned befor but had more cha
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