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    Disrespectful at times. Barely any effort put into this application. I do wonder why you would even put an application up knowing it lacked detail and elaborate on how you will handle mingy players etc. Sorry Fives, fix your attitude and your app and I'll change to a +1. 

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    Sorry Mainz, I have to agree with Colt. Whilst I do agree with some of the things you said on the forum, I think it is extremely suspicious and scummy to be applying shortly after making that controversial topic. As Colt said, I think you need to show the community that you really want the position to help people, not just for the power. There are more deserving applicants than you Mainz. 


    Good Luck

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  3. +1 for a reduced ban. You made some stupid decisions and you must now suffer the consequences of maybe a 3 - 4 week ban, IF this does get reduced. If you do manage to get your ban reduced, I'd advise you not making the same mistakes again.

  4. -1 Constantly begs people to look at his application, disrespectful towards others. Posted a link that helps you steal people's IPS? I cannot think of a more untrustworthy candidate. You have made some really stupid decisions. This application should be instantly denied as you clearly have no thought process or maturity for that matter. Harassing other members of the community also. Giving you more power would be a huge mistake. 

    Good luck, 


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