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  1. Pluto

    Ban Apeal- MrRed

    Not much to go off. Maybe you were automatically banned by the anticheat? Anyways +1
  2. +1 Considering the ban was over 3 months ago, and that you have taken responsibility for your actions. Although I think a pram ban was warranted, I believe you deserve a second chance. <3 -Pluto
  3. These are looking really cool, I like the middle one the most.
  4. Pluto

    Firing range

    Too isolated to be a firing line, a good trooper regiment could take it perhaps.
  5. I must say it was worth the wait, loved playing as Scott Price. Good work @Fox
  6. +1 Although you advertised, I'm willing to put that aside considering the ban was over six months ago. Also you said you've played other server before so I think you deserve a second chance. For future reference, not a good idea to advertise anything you post in the forums.
  7. Probs the follower, although I don't participate in events much. I do have a mic also.
  8. +1 instead of moving as one massive mob of troopers, we could separate off with different objectives. Regiments such as IC, Rancor and SCAR have more high priority tasks. Whilst regiments such as 442nd and riot hold the front lines taking the shots for the troopers. Plus, this idea would mean bunks would be used more often instead of just debriefs and spawn points.
  9. Thanks for clearing this up, I was never really sure about it. -Pluto
  10. @Wombatiacus I have a friend who works in dell and he had an Alienware 17 spare in stock so he gave it to me for free. It was second hand though but it still works really well.
  11. There isn't many options I know of, but i wouldn't recommend a gaming laptop as I currently have an Alienware 17, which costs about 3,000 dollars. I got it for free, but it's definitely not worth 3k. Can run all games fine but the size and the weight means it kinda defeats the purpose of a laptop. Other than that, if you can build one then it would probs be better.
  12. Having 17 warns should be enough evidence to prove you are mingey. Also, not once did I supposedly "threaten" you with being perm banned. When you say exceeding in ranks, reaching the rank of corporal isn't exceeding in ranks. I cannot possibly fathom how such a rude and vexatious player can even reach the rank of corporal in the first place, nor do I understand how you haven't already been permanently banned. As stated before, even the slightest mistakes can alter whether you are accepted or not, it was also clearly said that you couldn't move your camera or mouse what so ever. You do not fol
  13. May I also add that you did not display the level of qaulity needed to join prophets. As we focus a lot on duelling and other things, having no experience in that field likely means you wouldn't be accepted. We also had to repeat faces over and over, because you "couldn't hear". Not only that, from reading all these warns, you have no regard for the rules let alone role play on the server. I regularly see you yelling cuss words at other players and generally all round minging. If you continue to behave like this whilst on the server, you're on the way to a perm ban.
  14. Pluto


    It was an application I wrote, but I decided to delete it.
  15. Sad to see you go, I'm sure you will be missed!
  16. Aww cya man all the best!
  17. Hello, Have been on server for awhile just felt like introducing myself. Forgot my password to forums months ago and only just bothered to reset it. IG: Pluto
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