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  1. killing them is not always a good idea as they can just respawn and repeat the same action over and over. Placing them in jail would prolong them doing it again maybe even discouraging them to annoy/harrass the RST.

  2. 9 hours ago, Dom said:


    Did you guys not read what Mauler said earlier? You are legit just going against what he said. For all you know someone might believe what you said, this could make them stop wanting to see the movie.

    Please, if anyone is gullible enough to believe there is actually Darth Jar Jar in the new movie is just stupid... 

    I also don't think one forum post on a gaming forum would discourage anyone from seeing a popular movie...

    lighten up.

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  3. On 27/11/2017 at 5:00 PM, Twinkie said:


    Anna, I certainly do not have a problem with you, but if I am being honest it is unfair for other applicants for Trial mod.

    Firstly your playtime. I have seen people being harshly criticised over having 6days to a week playtime - on a pac application. I have seen people say to applicants for pac with just over a week playtime, +1 "It isnt applying for tmod". You have just over 1 week playtime - which is decent but if I am being honest try and get at least 2-3 more days as this can, probably, ensure that more new players know you.

    Secondly, your activity. I understand that you have work/school/uni on atm, but you are applying for a moderator position on the most popular SWRP server in Australia. This means that you will have to be active, eg AT LEAST every two days, multiple hours a day. This grants you the ability to be on during peak time to deal with people breaking the rules. It may be just me, but I have seen you two TOPS 3 times last week and the space of time you spent on the server was very minimal. If you are applying for tmod, the length of time a day that most people prefer is 2-5 hours. Yes we already have a great staff, and what you can bring to the team is good BUT the activity is needed too.

    Thirdly, your experience. Other than assisting in managing the server, you have zero prior experience modding on gmod servers. I have seen people get heavily criticised on their prior experience, but I have not seen a trace of any mention of your prior experience. Yes, sometimes prior experience does not matter if people think you are naturally suited for the job, but I believe that this is unfair for other people who have applied for a staff position - leading onto my final point.

    Biased opinions.

    Yes, I know that you do not intentionally seek out attention by other people, but the fact of you being one of the very, very few 'gamer girls' gives you this attention and I think that it is this attention that gives you biased opinions on your application. I know people will deny it, but this is my opinion. It is extremely unfair for people who have had applications up for months, with few replies and one day you apply and get a load of answers - In an hour. This may show that you are liked by many in the community, but it can also prove that people are replying just because of the fact that you are a 'gamer girl'.


    I do not have one single problem with you, but because of my points I am showing negative support to this application.


    Good luck,



    Please do not take this personally but again, my opinion.


    Firstly, what does her gender have anything to do with this application. Secondly, her playtime is fine and I think most people know who she is and if she does a good job than it shouldn't really matter. I understand if she had 1 day - 4 days playtime it would've been an issue, but in this case I don't think it is. Many accepted staff have had no prior experience, yes it is obviously beneficial to have experience but it's the way you conduct yourself around the server that matters the most IMO. Not to mention the staff would obviously teach the newer tmods commands and what not. Lastly, you think because people are +1ing her that it is because she is a girl? that is totally broken logic. 

    +1 from me, mature and would be a good mod. 


  4. A few things:


    - I have been trying to create a hologram so whenever I press my chat key a hologram animation appears. 

    - I also want to make a robotic limb of sorts, I know it involves bone merging but I need a clear walk through if anyone would be willing to help down below.

    - I'm not sure if this can be done. But I want to make it so when I put my dual hilt saber away it goes onto to my back instead of my hip. If any of experienced PAC users know how to, then please feel free to comment. 


    I know these may seem like simple things but I'm not the best at PAC and still very much learning. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Puppy said:

    I don't mean any offense to Braytec

    But the man got from SSGT all the way to OC from just events?

    I agree with this post, it should only be from PVT-CPL.


    Braytec was doing exceptionally well in leading the ST corps, I don't see an issue with him promoted. He actually was promoted by Little because the commanders never actually come on therefore leaving SGT+ stuck at their rank. 

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