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  1. No matter how hard you enforce the rules, there is always gonna be that handful of people that will come on the server solely to minge. SGTs can say 'oh yeah don't minge' but at the end of the day you can't really prevent it.
  2. I dont think there's anything wrong with having more than one elite sith regiment. Not to mention the protectors technically speaking, are better than SG.
  3. Trying to bump this post up to get more people's opinions on the regiment.
  4. @Sal Please keep in mind this would be an extremely small regiment, I'm talking about 3-4 members. The inquisitors are no match for the protectors as the protectors under went years of vigorous training both in sabre skills and in the dark side of the force. There isnt many Sith as it is, and adding a small sub regiment of Royal Guards wouldn't change much within the server if you ask me.
  5. May I also add @Barron that RG are currently lacking members, as with RST, and adding this regiment could make people join Royal Guard/RST in hopes of being noticed and selected to join. I was also thinking about making it two ranks just Normal sovereign protector and commander.
  6. Hey Sal, Thanks very much for your input. There is actually a lot of potential Rp for them assassinating a high ranking offical that palpating may not like etc. Again, if in members were caught minging, they would face an instant kick out of the regiment depending on the offence they committed. Thanks again foe your feedback
  7. Good point but I think lowering the amount of inquisitors would make Sith seem more scarce
  8. (DISCLAIMER: This is merely a suggestion and I'm only suggesting for it to added because it fits in with the timeline and would add more variety to sith) Hi all, Although this may have already been discussed among the sith, I am proposing that a new regiment called "Sovereign Protectors" be added. Sovereign Protecters were highly trained elite Royal Guard who trained in the ways of the force by the Emperor himself. Only the most disciplined and skilful Royal Guards were selected to be apart of this regiment. They were often tasked with guarding the Emperor himself and other
  9. Hi Jolly, This has previously been discussed by multiple members of staff and the reasoning behind changing to the Star Destroyer is that Rishi moon is poorly optimised and players tend to start lagging when the server is 90+. Another issue with rushing is hit player base declined quite dramatically which was a result of poor map optimisation. Also, Martibo is currently making a Deathstar map which will probably used once it is fully completed. Unfortunately, the rishi moon map will probably never be used again (maybe in events).
  10. They could be non binary you cis white scum, how dare you!
  11. Well said indeed. I did not think of it from this perspective but more a chore since it can quite frustrating at times. I will try to incorporate what you said above into my training and we'll see how it goes. Thanks - Pluto
  12. Hello rooster, currently being a SGT myself, I try to train recruits to the best of my ability. I think it is quite silly to generalise and say that all SGTs engage in such practices. Please remember that you were once a SGT and being called up constantly to train recruits isn't fun but it's chore we do to keep the server alive. Yes it's an issue that some SGTs don't train correctly, but the majority do. I'm not saying what you stated does not occur but you cannot generalise and say that all SGT's do this over one incident.
  13. Not sure if disgusting is the right word. More immature than disgusting if you ask me.
  14. Hi demonic, I don't think it was Tyto as he is the designated sniper for one of the squads. Hope this all gets sorted fast. May I also add that Fox does not tolerate this kind of stuff and I personally know that he will be pretty annoyed about this. -Pluto
  15. If this is about the bridge rdm and rebel group, this is definitely not the whole story. I watched this all unfold, you ran up to the bridge with probably 10 or so ST's and began shooting the guards. I believe you were the leader of the group? Or one of the people who instigated the whole thing. Neutral for now as the offence probably didn't warrant a perm ban but maybe a 2 week or 1 week ban.
  16. @Simmo Hi Simmo, although this is an issue that could be resolved quite easily in game, I think you took this request out of proportion. He stated that he is not directly targeting individuals in the regiment but just requesting that your lower ranks understand what 442nd does. He was merely stating that you are not a demo regiment nor can you defuse bombs, so contacting his commander isn't really needed or warranted on your part. He has obviously seen a number of your men probably in the lower ranks, attempting to defuse bombs hence why he made this post. Overall, you misinterpreted what Pup
  17. You have a life outside of Garry's Mod? Huh.
  18. Good luck. Understandable and good luck getting Tmod. <3-Pluto
  19. Yes I was saying in regards to your previous post that Scar already do that. Should have been more specific
  20. Pluto

    New ST Models

    Don't see much difference between em. Could be a nice addition I guess.
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