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  1. Braytec was doing exceptionally well in leading the ST corps, I don't see an issue with him promoted. He actually was promoted by Little because the commanders never actually come on therefore leaving SGT+ stuck at their rank.
  2. The staff try their best to moderate the server and deal with minty players. Now, I think you're a good role player and mature member of this community but, staff are humans also and cannot always respond and deal with every rule breaker that joins the server. I agree with everything else that you have said and people should not be exempt from recieving valid criticism. I personally have not seen any instances where a member of staff has ever neglected a situation based on the rule breaker's affiliation. This could be just me, everyone has their own experiences. Anyways, what you have all said
  3. Trained by @-CML- [IG] Divisionary when he was Brugadier of the shadow core. Joined nova under the command of Batman, joined RST under command of Kendrick, Joined RG under command of Mars, left RG for DT under command of DONG, DT for SG under apollo, SG to prophets, Prophets to SCAR, SCAR to Inquisiror.
  4. I personally don't see an issue with this as you have gone through the Rp of obtaining it. I understand where Moose is coming from however but I believe the sword is fine.
  6. Also running a driver update just to make sure that isn't causing it.
  7. Yes I did have it installed but I have begun uninstalling it now.
  8. Hi Everyone, I know this is an extremely boring topic to make. When I attempt to join the server, it only reaches sending client info before automatically closing itself. There is no error message or any sort of "program stopped responding" type of stuff. I tried joining another server and I loaded in just fine. I believe this issue to is to do with the server as I have already verified the integrity of my game cache which was all clear. The only thing I can possibly think of is maybe a corrupt addon preventing me from joining the server? Anyways, if anyone has a solution or a sugge
  9. Not sure if you meant to crate two of these but hey, welcome!
  10. Just curious, does this suggestion have any chance of being added in?
  11. Pluto

    Ban Appeal

    +1 for a reduced ban. You made some stupid decisions and you must now suffer the consequences of maybe a 3 - 4 week ban, IF this does get reduced. If you do manage to get your ban reduced, I'd advise you not making the same mistakes again.
  12. That women obviously has him under some sort of mind control. I say we execute her!
  13. Congratulations Wolf, Martibo and Moose. Sad to see Kosmos stepping down but relieved knowing that the server is in safe hands. Excited for the upcoming changes aswell!
  14. Attention troopers, if you are being attacked by a Jedi, instead of retaliating, you must let it slaughter you. This is unfortunately something you can't prevent as the worst offenders are proabably STs don't that don't even read the forums. Anyway, yes this has to stop but not sure if adding a rule is gonna change much imo.
  15. +1 second chance should be given. If you do get unbanned consider it your second chance.
  16. As Barron stated earlier, just because they have a light sabre doesn't mean they are sith. I also don't understand where this mentality of "shit load of sith" has come from as there currently isn't many sith imo. I feel like everyone is just hopping the bandwagon with the too many Sith argument. I think there is this stigma surrounding sith ATM that they're all minges, can't Rp, always complaining and what not but for the most part this isn't really true. As previously aforementioned, it is the donators who ruin the reputation of sith by minging and showing no intent to role play. If it was u
  17. Simply amazing, sad to see you leave Naval Guards under less than pleasing circumstances. All the best in your future endeavours. <3 - Pluto
  18. Ty for eh well ty for being cool and duelling me as prophet
  19. There is definitely more that you're not telling us. How does one just end up on the ban screen without any prior warnings or action being taken? If you were accidentally banned then one of the staff members would soon realise they had made a mistake thus unbanning you. None the less, due the significant amount of time you have spent away from the server, I am willing to +1 this appeal.
  20. I like how you're only accepting good RG, nice work
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