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  1. 7 hours ago, Mongo said:

    The storm trooper model with the blood is a model called a Cry Trooper found inside the Same pack as the 374th models, generally use it for events for injuired or dead sts.

    the examples otherwise are majorily simplistic with the exception to one.

    You arent too well known either. So ill be sticking with Neutral

    Thanks for your input, I do intend to expand my abilities with PAC when I have the time, so I'll update this application accordingly.

    • Steam Name:
    • SteamID32:
    • Steam Profile Link:
    • In Game Name:
    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      1 week 1 day
    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence
    • Have you used PAC3 Before?
    • Why should you be trusted with PAC3?
      I believe I should be trusted with this tool because I have played and associated with this community for good solid amount of time and never once have I had the urge to minge and ruin other people's experiences on the server so why start now? Furthermore, I have been given PAC on Imperial gaming before and I never abused or went out of my way to break the rules surrounding PAC. I have pretty good knowledge of the ins and outs of PAC, however, I would certainly like to enhance my skill with PAC. I have been apart of this community on and off for a long time. Of course, that should not grant me access to PAC but I believe it shows that I am a person who is responsible and has no intent to break the rules.
    • Why do you want access to PAC3?
      I intend to create a better RP environment for others, not just myself. I have previously shown that I am competent at using this tool and I wish to gain further knowledge of PAC should I be accepted. I have a few ideas I could implement to encourage a better RP scene for others. The underlying focus of my reason in making this application is to create more immersive role-play scenarios and to delve deeper into the lore and cosmetic features relating to my character.
    • Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
      Well I would humbly ask for the privilege to use PAC as it is something exclusive to trusted members of the community and it has been previously given to me before. Since joining this server I believe I have greatly matured as a person and it can only get better from here. I accept the responsibility that comes with this program and I understand the consequences that would happen if I ever abused this privilege. I do not intend to start acting up or breaking the rules now and me being a long-standing member of IG demonstrates this. Previously, I was mature and trustworthy on this server and there is nothing stopping me from being like that again.
    • PAC3 Example 1:
    • PAC3 Example 2:
    • PAC3 Example 3:
    • PAC3 Example 4:
    • PAC3 Example 5:
    • Terms & Conditions
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  2. I would +1 this, however, there is very little detail in this application. Going through the accepted applicants and comparing their applications with yours there is much more detail and effort put in. That being said I know an application is not everything but for now, it will be a neutral.

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  3. I agree the entrance should be pushed back further. I've had countless times where there have been several Stormtroopers outside the temple crouching just before the loitering zone which means I can't do anything. People like to get the guards to kill them outside the zone so they can scream RDM and get them warned.


  4. 6 minutes ago, Piano said:

    cheers guy that for the feedback, just wondering if i have to wait until this APP is accepted or decline before changing it or can i take it down then change it?

    There should be an edit button near the bottom left of your post to make changes to the application and add or remove things.


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