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  1. Denzel Curry, Joey Badass are pre good. Kendrick is aight and Hilltop Is good
  2. We're getting the deathstar map which is already very large itself, so idk if rishi moon is really needed for a rotation. For events of course it would be a good map but I'd say leave it at that.
  3. I agree the entrance should be pushed back further. I've had countless times where there have been several Stormtroopers outside the temple crouching just before the loitering zone which means I can't do anything. People like to get the guards to kill them outside the zone so they can scream RDM and get them warned.
  4. Yes. Robinson tried to get kreel to have a light sabre which is what he has in lore, but some of the higher ups didn't like the fact a trooper had a saber. Also most of the members including me had PAC so we were able to make our lore models using PAC. -1 have a look at the regiments that were added in previously. Example, when mauler added those heavy squad trooper reg. It didn't last long. Another one is tank troopers pre sure frank is the only member.
  5. Pluto


    Excellent choice
  6. Next time he does it, report it to ISB.
  7. left the community or just playing as alternate character?
  8. killing them is not always a good idea as they can just respawn and repeat the same action over and over. Placing them in jail would prolong them doing it again maybe even discouraging them to annoy/harrass the RST.
  9. Wow that is really disgusting, you deserve that ban.
  10. If you play on DG Jedi vs Sith then you need to uninstall their content if you want to play on IG. Their content conflicts with the IG addons causing the client to crash.
  11. Best SG commander out, sorry @Cronos
  12. Can't help but notice you've made 3 of these. Bye. Edit: Sorry if this was perceived insensitive.
  13. Did this need to be announced? Nope. Don't get so triggered lol. If the staff deem the post to be a "shitpost" then they'll remove it. Simples.
  14. I considered myself to be a long standing member having 4weeks plus pushing 5 weeks but all I did to notify everyone I was leaving was post a short message in the chat box. Just sayin.
  15. Please, if anyone is gullible enough to believe there is actually Darth Jar Jar in the new movie is just stupid... I also don't think one forum post on a gaming forum would discourage anyone from seeing a popular movie... lighten up.
  16. Yo wasn't this the guy that changed the map 7 times?!! Jk <3
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