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  1. +1 Would be a good addition to Event Master
  2. Yeah, See you soon you will be missed, So yeah bye
  3. Cya Nova, You are going to be missed by many players on this server
  4. We need the other map back, nothing was wrong with it.
  5. -1 Neutural +1 ~ Not enough put into this application ~ Haven't seen you around ship that much (A few encounters not much though)
  6. If we were to change to CloneWars, Would we be playing on the boring Venator map or would it be a custom map?
  7. Guys it won't be permanent....right....
  8. I do like Imperial, I just don't know what will happen if you do switch over, But it is our choice as players so I hope we all choose the right one. I did vote for Imperial, But if you guys do switch over I will still play on the server.
  9. +1 Reasons: Good Roleplayer Serious Roleplayer Could be a little better, but does deserve tmod.
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