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  1. there's a room opposite the old pilot bunks that was added to the map that is empty so that could serve a purpose? @Maffa146
  2. Hello all I was just browsing the steam workshop and just found this on the steam workshop and i thought i would put here a suggestion http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=955644620&searchtext=[Imperial+Gaming]+ I thought this may be a good addon to the server may be in the future feel free to commute down below on what you think. Kind Regards, Lachlan
  3. I don't use pac3 think it is when some has pa3 and uses it I think this is when it happens but I don't no how to resolve it
  4. hello all, At the moment I am having issues when seeing people with pac3 and it causes my screen to go black and flicker and I cannot see where I'm walking or what I'm doing I will have a screenshot posted below of what I'm seeing below when I look away it seems to sometime fix it but it does not always work if someone's got a fix or something that will help that would be appreciated. I've got some screenshots of what I am looking at blow. but I cannot find a fix anywhere if someone could please assist me that would be appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to
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