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  1. +1 Good CO of Riot, A Caring and understandable person. would make a good Mod
  2. what about putting a passcode lock on the Garage and landing pad?
  3. First up yes it is good initiative and i do see where your coming from. What I'm saying is that management make the rules of the Server and Pilot System so it is up-to the Senior Staff Team and RNHC (Republic Navy High Command) to decide what the consequences are. For the players who brake the rules. But I do believe that Staff will deal with this iussue accordingly. But input is always welcome.
  4. @Peter have you talked to staff about this? because this is more of a staff post then a user/Player post
  5. Hello all just think what about having a Imperial gaming Radio station like on TS as a channel where we have DJ's playing music ECT? saying the news with the server and other games in general? let me know in the comments below this is just an Idea Kind regards, Lachlan
  6. i'm just going to leave this here
  7. Lachlan


    i would imaged so cause it's a different server and different timeline different Life
  8. I'll be on at 5:30-6PM that night
  9. So what will be the time to look around the ship like OOC like 3-5 Hours? and how many slots will be on the server?
  10. I would +1 this i have seen this map and have had a walk around on the map it's a very detailed and well done nap
  11. I hope there's signs everywhere cause the map is huge like i got lost 5 times and i had to no clip to find out where I was
  12. well at lest we know what will fit now
  13. Lachlan


    the Royal Guards don't take orders from Thrawn
  14. Lachlan


    I knew it was suggest a year back or so but yea now's it's finnal happing
  15. 8 months late you little P.S you not muscular and intimidating last time
  16. @Chopz i thinks there's a bug with the Patrol Quest i tried it earlier today and i went to the blue Area and it did not register might want to check it out
  17. what about stun sticks for shock and Riot?
  18. @zaspan i will give you my offshore bank account
  19. Hello, people of Imperial Gaming My name is Lachlan I am the commanding officer of Navy aboard the chimera. (NOT ENGINEERS, CHIMAERA SQUAD,PILOTS!) I am here today I am Here Advertising That Navy is Currently looking for talented individuals to Enlist in the Imperial Navy to Command, conquer and control for the Empire! And be apart of Grand Admiral Thrawns the 7th fleet! To apply for Imperial Navy Please fellow the link: https://goo.gl/forms/lHNcR2sTlAztDcuB2 If you have anymore Questions Regarding navy or what we do please contact myself or @Keta or one of the other Naval officials. As
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