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  1. Thought you did models, who's the modeler then?
  2. For further assistance put an @ in Chat for assistance
  3. Looks good but you gotta get someone to texture them into the server and make the models and then put them into the steam workshop and it just alot of work to do but could be done (@Kurt)
  4. what about black,blue and red combined?
  5. I've been part of this server since June 2017 when @Whitey Was Great moff (Grand Mop), @Mauler was Shock CO and @Pablo was 2IC of ISB
  6. The server dose not have much control over the map development we can make suggestions as a server to Lord Trilobite about the placements of the turbo laser controls I agree it should be done from the bridge and also there are no problems with the turbo lasers there place is in the sith temple. We used to use them a year and a half ago when where the sith temple was ISB HQ. but also becsue they do lag the server as well. And by memory Tubo lasers didn't do much damage to propped hostile ships.
  7. I would love to go back to clone wars RP it just died off slowly
  8. There was a 1945 RP server in the works by some Aussie Server that server shut down and never released it so I think a Strict 1945 RP server of Germany would be good using the Berlin map we can have hitler there and all the nazi fighter the Yanks/Brits/Russians ect and have events it'll be like star wars rp but 1945 but on earth with hitler in charge
  9. so Krennic won't be going on vacation here then? what about the Grand mop? :thinking:
  10. So this is where the navy budget is going towards Waste of Imperial Credits
  11. True but what about if they can't find me but you respond over OOC and have youtube open in the steam overlay?
  12. I just sit on the sever and alt tab out and watch YouTube so people think it's populated so then we get more players to join Santos which means it should end up getting it's own player-base so that's what we should all do
  13. I'm 19 right now and good luck finding out where i live
  14. I RPed my way out of been held hostage @Vadrian can tell you that i told him such a sad and weird story
  15. I haven’t even seen you play
  16. Some good ideas here @Vadrian. Police try not to ignore hostages but because the reason why is because we don't have any money from the city going into a city vault think of IRL if there was a hostage situation they would get the money from the government to release the hostages but also they would try to save hostages and take the suspect down if they can depending on the situation. so if we could get like some sort of vault that would have money from taxes so there for we could actually RP hostage situations out and create more RP for the server. Also could the rules be more
  17. I believe the pay has changed in recent days in regards of legel jobs, I do get where your coming from before police I was a civ all i did was firefighter,tow-truck driver, but also with the new court system which has been just added there can be more RP. Also a couple of days ago some people wanted 100K for a hostage I was police with a couple of others the issue is Who has the money on the police side to spare 100K and also how come there's no economy system. Like taxes go into the a city vault and police get a cut so therefore with hostage situations we can actually RP them out without
  18. what about doing budgets? like Gov used to do for navy in mid 2018
  19. well said @Bailey I think there should be a memorial in game and a ANZAC ceremony held in-game on the night of ANZAC day for both servers for everyone to pay our respect
  20. Someone said the cars are from GTA so it's gotta be something along those lines, something to do with Cars? DarkRP? Hotwheels RP? CarRP? even a gmamode called GTA RP? :THINKING: (Just announce it already pls it's killing my life) P.S also good work with the new systems keep it coming
  21. well maybe if we had Ground to Anit ship cannons then we would. Also this is thanks to the Imperial Navy (@Carswell ) and the Rebel alliance navy as well
  22. This is what the navy dose so join the navy today! (republic) Apply Below
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