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  1. I've played both Red dead's there both really good the 1st one is a bit clunky because of time it was made which was 2010 so 11 years ago it's aged but there both worth, I would personnel play RDR 2 then RDR 1 because of the story RDR 2 is set years before RDR 1. You won't be disappointed look up some YouTube videos of people playing them both in 2020/202.
  2. Still waiting for star wars knights of the old republic 3 and a new strategy game like star wars empire at war 2
  3. Dose this mean Thrawn finally gets hyperspaces away by whales in server lore and ceases to exist? :thinking:
  4. What about if we expanded out of Gmod into Games like Space Engineers, Rust, empyrion galactic survival, just to name a few examples most of these games do support dedicated servers, There's even a new games in Early access that will be coming to steam called duel universe and star base sometime in the near future.
  5. I've been apart of IG for 3 years now Joined march 2017 didn't register on the forms till June 2017 damn i fell old
  6. Looks like I'll need a new PC to Run this
  7. isn't this going against the community guidelines for posting on the forms? Found here http://prntscr.com/qiuro3 and it states "Do not create inappropriate posts/threads/signatures (No pornography, racism, etc)" someone please clarify as we have under 18 years olds playing and browse the forms
  8. That was engineers (@Kappa) not navy officers but a sub regiment of the Navy branch. Anyway engineers have always been know to do wired and crazy things. Like a year and a half ago an engineer booked all of mh1 to play a game of chess. On on another note I would like to apologise to @Butcher232 and everyone else who was affected for me been soo toxic from last night as I’ve had slot of stress irl lately with work cutting my hours to nothing and me stressing out how I’m going to make it though the next couple of months and I just was really frustrated yesterday when I got home
  9. I think it should be a strict RP Minecraft server with options of trading,factions,going to war with other factions, Running a business that provides to other players
  10. what I've noticed is Vader is more in the center and palpy is more off to the side but good job with the photo shopping i hardly noticed anything beside Vader been more center then palpy
  11. I had no idea that the Empire is pommy's tea lovers jeaus. just drink coffee not tea Also IDK why we have Stupid RP Ideas that make no sense and brake lore like who orders a couple of people to guard a crate full of stupid tea that taste like sh*t that cost nothing here on earth that comes out of plants Tea dose not exist in star wars. TBH stupidest RP idea so far to-date that i have heard It's a serious RP server this just proves it's not serious alot of the time and this is the most stupid.
  12. Thing that you had come in by lambda was a crate full of Tea bags Nice try in trying to hide the facts also tea never existed in Star wars so your just breaking lore @Stathi @SCHEFF @Chimp http://prntscr.com/qar95x Also just to note this is OOC Chat/website/form/Discussion and can't be taken into RP
  13. https://www.pccasegear.com/wish_lists/1018249/1 this is my Custom PC once i get enough money together it'll be able to do most thing 1440P. The 5700XT is more powerful then the RTX 2060 but is not as powerful as a 2070 super. if anyone has any suggestions about this wishlist please PM me Also this PC is going to be better then half of the pre-builts on PCCG because with the pre-builts they charge $100-200 More for labor like this PC i want to build will cost less then the one down below https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48555/pccg-wolf-2060-super-gaming-system
  14. The Reason why there been suggested to talk to management is because management handle Pk's
  15. I think that the recent building that has been going on as well has contributed to the crashes as well as event held at the same time of building and people who are placing dupes for tryouts/training in MH1,MH2 and Tie Bays while the building is going on but once the building is complete i think the server might run a bit more stabler.
  16. I wonder what happened to thrawn and Ezra then? because at the end of rebel they go looking for Ezra after the battle of Endor and after the Empire was defeated
  17. I think they might have the eclipse in this movie. (!POTENTIAL SPOILER AHEAD!)
  18. Lachlan

    Sith News

    I am happy to announce that the weather is inaccurate we will be flying into a nebula today
  19. No wonder @Wolf Keeps you guys in he's basement Don't worry I'm getting you guys free some just chatting to the lawyers and arranging the court case
  20. just crying my self to sleep because i don't have a life
  21. I'm just a fat kid on a PC all the time with no social life nothing
  22. we will miss you come and visit some time
  23. I joined because i had nothing to do so in my spare time and I went I'll see what it like and then I've stayed and still here 2 years later still like it
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