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  1. YEAH LIT FAM! Caboose has been wanting me to get it for ages!
  2. I liked it but I think the cinematics in Shore was a lot better. Maybe having a scene where they were in a dropship would have been cool
  3. Pandi

    Events That Last

    @FrenchyFries By my post i mean if we do events with the same story line over a couple of days. So have day 1 where we go to geonosis and take down a rebel fleet because they stole intel. Day 2 we discover the rebel had the intel stored in a cave system but there is a jedi there who kidnaps the admiral. Day 3 we find the jedi and the admiral putting an end to the jedi's life and saving the admiral and collecting the intel. It doesnt all have to be on one day is what I am trying to say
  4. Recently I have noticed our events are very rushed and are extremely short. I know a few servers that have fixed this issue by doing events that carry on. just an idea because I know we used to do this but I dont see it as often anymore. And these events, with a strong roleplay base, get a lot of attraction. By this I mean one day you do an introduction event where you go and make a new character that we found in the middle of Kashyyk. This person is then found out to be apart of the rebels in the second event. Then the finale you kill him off and destroy that rebel fleet along with him becaus
  5. Pandi

    IG Wallpaper

    Thanks for the nice responses
  6. Pandi

    IG Wallpaper

    I got inspiration from gaben to make a wallpaper for IG. I still think his is better but thought i might just share mine anyway
  7. is it 1 post each or doesnt it matter? If i were u put it in a random name selector
  8. We struggle with using darkrp huds because we use a custom gamemode that isnt darkrp in anyway.
  9. Pandi

    New PC

    If you buy all the parts and custom build it you will get at least 100fps in most games. If you are willing to spend 5k you can build a tank computer that will last you more then 3 years unlike prebuilts. I used to hate building PC's but when i found out you could save hundreds of dollars building it yourself i did it in a heart beat. Its also extremely easy!
  10. Use Structures+ and add Tek mod. Both really cool and useful.
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