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  1. @Kosmos Even though I resigned on the server a couple of months ago it is still sad to see such a successful community owner leave my favorite server. You will be missed for years to come and I am glad I was there when you start this amazing community. You have set a true legacy for every server to come and you will forever be the most generous and kind hearted server owner I know. I hope you strive to do your best as we can all see if you do you can accomplish great things. Have fun Cyn!

  2. Pandi's Trial Moderator Application

    Steam Name:

    Steam ID: 

    In game name and rank:
    Private First Class

    Time Played:
    1 week 1 day 19 hours (I had over 5 weeks before the server's time reset)

    Why are you applying for this position?:
    I am applying for this position because I used to be staff and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I really miss answering all of your calls and having a good chat with the lads in the moderator channels. I feel like I don't do as much as I could do as a staff member. I also want to apply for this position because as some of the staff already know I used to be very fast at answering admin calls and I want that thrill of being apart of a communities staff team again.

    How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us:
    I am very experienced on this server and I am very fast at answering admin calls. I have been on this server for close to a year now and I know how it needs to be run (Strictly and fairly). I also know the staff team very well allowing me to do what needs to be done without getting in the way of other staff members as I know how they all work together. Allowing me to be staff again will help the server improve as I will help cut down on the minges and with my experience I will be able to teach the new T-Mods how to correctly handle calls. I have been doing it for such a long time it has become second nature to me

    Have you been a Staff on previous servers if so please list them:

    - Colossal Gaming Clone Wars RP (Mod)
    - Hercules Gaming (Event Master)
    - Ardent Gaming (Head Admin)
    - Exodus Gaming (Super Admin)
    - Hercules Gaming V2 (Manager)
    - Summit Servers (Owner)
    - Molten Gaming (Mod)
    - Imperial Gaming (Super Admin, Admin)

    I have also been on several darkrp servers that didn't end up launching so I haven't bothered putting them in there.

    Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them:

    What can you bring to Imperial Gaming:
    I can bring experience, leadership, integrity and a loyal personality to this server. I have been apart of the staff team before and I believe that I did a great job in those days and I know I can do it again. I have more experience then a lot of people and I know a lot about handling certain situations and how to calm an argument. I can show leadership by spectating my fellow mod's admin calls and helping them if they are having an issue. I can show Integrity as I am very honest towards players and I always know what I am talking about. Some of you may think I am not loyal because I left the community but I didn't really leave the community, I left the staff team. I haven't played any other Star Wars server since Imperial Gaming launched and I have always been here to assist the higher ups with everything they have needed. 

    Anything else you would like to add:
    I know I have been inactive recently but I have changed. I have started to play a lot more gmod as I have gained my love for it again. I know caboose said I can't apply for staff again when I resigned but I believe that I have changed and I want to come back for good now. Finally I just want to say I'm sorry for leaving the staff team and I'm sorry for the inactivity. I know I can change I just need a little support. I strongly believe I can do this with the assistance of the community and I miss my old position as Super Admin on the server. I will be working for that rank non stop until I get it. Please just give me one more shot to prove myself. Thank you!

  3. 2 minutes ago, Hisoka said:

    Then you'd be wrong.

    Dude i said persistently. Unless someone is poking pureus every day about the topic it isnt considered persistent harassment. I can imagine a couple of people maybe doing it to wind pureus up as some harmless fun and didnt realise pureus actually cared. In all honesty (im not trying to be a dick just want to get my point across) i dont think people care about your IRL life pureus. Maybe they want a name because its a bit awkward if u keep calling a person by their RP name if u become friends with them. Can't imagine anyone caring more then to have a name.

  4. Look pureus in all honesty did this really need to be addressed to the entire community. I think most of us are smart enough to know not to get into others personal lives. Maybe if u went to each person individually and told them how u feel about your privacy of information. I can't imagine more then 15 people who would persistently harass you to see if your dating someone on the server.

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