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  1. @Kosmos Even though I resigned on the server a couple of months ago it is still sad to see such a successful community owner leave my favorite server. You will be missed for years to come and I am glad I was there when you start this amazing community. You have set a true legacy for every server to come and you will forever be the most generous and kind hearted server owner I know. I hope you strive to do your best as we can all see if you do you can accomplish great things. Have fun Cyn!
  2. Why couldn't the toilet paper cross the road? It got stuck in a crack!
  3. Hey guys so recently I have started to do a lot of photoshop and made a couple of people logo's and banners for youtube, steam whatever you want. I even made some wallpapers. I just want you guys to know I have a steam group so that u can get in contact with me and can look to see if u want to buy anything from me. I hope you enjoy! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pandigraphics
  4. Dude i said persistently. Unless someone is poking pureus every day about the topic it isnt considered persistent harassment. I can imagine a couple of people maybe doing it to wind pureus up as some harmless fun and didnt realise pureus actually cared. In all honesty (im not trying to be a dick just want to get my point across) i dont think people care about your IRL life pureus. Maybe they want a name because its a bit awkward if u keep calling a person by their RP name if u become friends with them. Can't imagine anyone caring more then to have a name.
  5. Look pureus in all honesty did this really need to be addressed to the entire community. I think most of us are smart enough to know not to get into others personal lives. Maybe if u went to each person individually and told them how u feel about your privacy of information. I can't imagine more then 15 people who would persistently harass you to see if your dating someone on the server.
  6. Bye hermes! will forever be missed! I hope u get tmod my dude
  7. Good work so far banks
  8. ikr i spent like 4 months learning and all of a sudden exacali is good
  9. I thought the effects looked cool together but im not sure if it represents IG enough
  11. Looks good dude keep it up!
  13. I use (these are rough prices btw. You could price match with stores) : Keyboard - $199 - Blackwidow Chroma (Loud but has very cool features. In overwatch it lights up wot what character your playing and it has stuff like that for a lot of games. Also very easy and smooth to type with) Mouse - $69 - Deathadder Chroma (Very soft on the hand and very comfortable. Honestly I think its the best mouse I have ever played with) Headset - $119 - Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 ( Very uncomfortable to begin with but once u use them more and more often they mold to your head and are really good for cancel
  14. 10/10. Banks u have some real talent! Hope u use it wisely!
  15. Pandi

    IG Logo - Wiemers

    I like the second one and the second last one alot Good work keep it up
  16. shit i didnt think it was that good XD. Cheers for the support guys! Btw @Ricards3 i didnt know u could do that and it looks so cool hahahha
  17. if your looking for a wallpaper i got u covered (not my best but i thought it was good enough)
  18. Pandi

    Server Update!

    Doesn't Pac3 have a clientside only setting so people who dont apply can still use it but no one else can see it only them
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