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  1. I am so bloody keen! I am buying a ticket to one of the first Perth screenings they have when the tickets are released and am buying flights to go down and watch it because holy heck I am excited, if Disney f this one up then they will have a whole cult of angry people to worry about with an age span of 4-50. Also I swear to god if anyone posts spoilers on the forums after it is released I full go full super saiyan on yo ass, don't ruin the movie for others like people tried to with Solo and The Last Jedi.
  2. IROH PAC! (he better have a teapot) Also this is really cool and will be fun to see unfold Mongo, nice work as always can't wait to see what creative PAC's people can come up with for the competition!
  3. Love the unique ending and how much commitment you put into these, very epic. Also does this mean that loyal is not so loyal to the empire after all?
  4. How do you discover new music? Friends who give me song suggestions. Random songs that either play during my playlist or I discover via the Daily Mix/Discover weekly playlists. What music have you discovered recently that you already love? No new songs this week that are springing to mind at this time of night however I still have the beat for a few songs stuck in my head, especially the ones I here multiple times a day come over the radio at work.
  5. I have nothing but respect for you and this post Bailey. Myself and other members of my immediate and distant family have all had our fair share of mental health issues so I can relate strongly to this post. It is amazing to see you spreading awareness for such a polarising issue that affects more people than we all think. For anyone in the community who reads this and is going through a hard time right now or goes through a hard time at any point in their lives just know we all love and appreciate the absolute heck out of you so just keep being amazing, we love you all 3000 <3
  6. All he wanted was 5 god damn minutes
  7. I gave them a nice big feed about 8-9 years ago, that should last them till their last living days.
  8. PS3: Motostorm Ratchet and Clank Crash Bandicoot DS: Nintendogs Super Mario Bros
  9. BUMP Updated areas: 1) In-game name. 2) In-game regiment & rank. 3) In-game playtime. 4 ) Minor word choice changes. Thank you all for the positive responses and support so far, if you have and questions that arise regarding my application feel free to contact me and I will clarify or resolve anything Regards, Sully
  10. The Sun Warriors are an amazing group of people, their whole culture and 'lore' is tame and majestic in comparison to the hatred and anger of the rest of the fire nation. I just rewatched S3:E13 - "The Firebending Masters", the episode where we get to meet the Sun Warriors and it was definitely something to behold. The scene where Zuko and Aang dance with the dragons and are judged before being given the insight into the masters fire is beautiful and is a highlight of the season. Iroh and Toph are such an underrated Duo, when they first meet Toph is completely unaware who Iroh was and immediately connected with him. When she finally learns his identity she is shocked but still doesn't judge him or show hatred or betrayal, she understands Iroh and knows he is a good person at heart. The two have a mutual connection and respect for on another and it helps for both of their character arcs. All of these are amazing episodes but then again my view may be biased considering that I think each and every episode is amazing in their own ways, every episode develops a different characters arc in one way or another and conveys a great depth to the show. Despite feeling like filler episodes these so called filler episodes still develop the story and the character in a strong and powerful way. Also side note the Boiling Rock episodes are also really good and i'm not just saying that because I am watching them at the moment. They episodes develop Mai and Zuko's relationship in a strong way whilst beginning the series of adventures each of Team Avatar has with Zuko. http://bit.ly/avatarTLA
  11. Never touched League, probably never will however this is still pretty epic. Thank you for the post Uncle, very epic indeed.
  12. Sully

    Guten Tag!

    Good, I see my sway in these matters is greater than I think! Also glad to have you back, you better come say hi when we are both online or I will be upset.
  13. Alright lets get down to business here, how many credits is it going to cost me to rig the system
  14. Are we all just going to ignore the white glow on the players, I think it's time to re-install the addons bucko
  15. -1 Positives Prior experience as an event master. Previously held an event master role on Imperial Gaming. Applicant shows that they are very mature and responsible. Applicant is well known within the community and has been around for a long time Negatives Application answers contain minimal amounts of information or detail and need to be fleshed out by a considerable amount. Applicant as of recent has not been the most active on a consistent and regular basis, this is something that needs to be heavily improved if you wish to hold an event master position. Event examples provided within the applicants application are lacking in detail and require further fleshing out in order to be better explained and prepare for alternate pathings and other factors that may arise. If the points above are fixed/corrected my stance towards the application will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly, as of now however my stance will remain. If you wish to see the amount of detail you should be including within your application and event ideas you can do so by looking at some of the previously accepted application at the following link; https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/forum/108-accepted/ Best of Luck, Sully
  16. Very well said Rimmin, I agree with a lot of the points you have made. Hong Kong is in crisis right now and it is important that people become educated on the matter as this a real situation affecting real people that requires real change. 5 demands and not one less. Liberate Hong Kong.
  17. Sully

    Sith News

    Just rip another one off of one of the other Hunger Games movies just so you can stick with the trend
  18. @Vadrian Try avoiding posting one after the other, utilise the edit function
  19. I read up on this topic a little while ago when I heard about the protests however its good that you are spreading some awareness as this is a real issue happening in today's society. I feel like Hong Kong at this point are just delaying the inevitable unless a third party were to step in and back up the people of Hong Kong. Hearing about things like this makes me love and appreciate Australia a heck of a lot more
  20. Congratulations boys and well done to everyone who participated. A big thank you to Welshy for taking to time to plan and run this event
  21. Agreed, I feel like it was very a head of its time in terms of animation and story development.
  22. Same to be honest, I love milk in my cereal and in shakes etc. However I feel as if I am somewhat lactose intolerant as if I have too much I tend to get the runs (T.M.I).
  23. Sully

    Ubermolen's Top Talent

    But who do you think Denied the application? Uncle Iroh is on the council of rep management (CRM) and he was the lead decision maker on the denial of your application to receive 2500 rep.
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