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  1. This is sad Thank you for all the memories and good times/talks Rivers, o7
  2. Welcome back! Something about me: I have a passion to become a Police Officer at some point in my life, whether it be straight after I graduate or a few years after it is a career pathway that interests me. An alternate pathway would be the Defence Force however the Police Force is more so what I could see myself doing for a long duration of my life.
  3. Looks neat, I'm sure the players will get a lot of enjoyment from this campaign
  4. @Throne of Games Do you have CSS Textures? If not here is a nifty guide on how to get them;
  5. See you Pulse, i have loved seeing you and your videos </3
  6. Seeya papa, you were a good lad
  7. During the time I was in shock with you, you were a good person and always friendly and good to talk to. Just keep doing you buddy, don't let what others think change who you are
  8. This gives me early 2018 vibes, i love it
  9. My $0.39 would say I am the first option
  10. ^^ We all love you Bibleman <3
  11. Congratulations! ARC Acting Commanding Officer
  12. Can't tell if I am impressed or worried
  13. There goes a minute and twenty six seconds of my life I will never get back.
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