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    Pin Quest-Lines

    +1 Simple yet elegant and handy to have around for those who are wanting pursue their quest-lines.
  2. This is such a wholesome post. Cecil is a big softy at heart, much love Mr 'Original Thicc Sister Lizard'. Just from viewing from the outside I can see how much the server has changed and evolved in the time since my departure and I have to say it is highly impressive work. The teams must be working their asses off even more than normal because the server is looking healthy, happy and better than ever from what I can see. Must be doing one heck of a job @Cecil, keep on keeping on. Love you and the rest of the IG family and hopefully one day I make it to coming back around at some point in the future <3 Regards, Sully
  3. I've been gone from the community for a while now, due to IRL circumstances taking presidency over things however hearing that Tinky was leaving I felt it only right to leave this message as this hits close to home. So many great memories have been made over the long period of time I've know this amazing human. @Tinky I know I've been gone for a while now but when I was around the server for my extensive period of time you were one of the best individuals I had the pleasure of getting to know. From the day you joined the server as a mingy little ST private you always were a big part of the community with your excessive amounts of energy and loud personality, I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say you were an amazing member of the community and I'm sure you will be sorely missed by all. I still remember the night you joined, no one thought this mingy private was going to make it too high in the ranks and my money was on you getting banned first but oh boy was I wrong and how much you grew on us all, proud to see you in IHC and leaving in style with the world record for the most amount of KOS's placed on (Flashback to when you had a KOS counter in your name but the number got too high so you had to stop). I also remember the time you had to leave the server for a while due to PC issues and just how much of a whole you left in the community then, I can only imagine how much you will be missed now. I wish you the absolute best of luck with your new job and your IRL things you need to take care of and wish you all the best for your future, something that I agree with you wholeheartedly on from your speech is the point you made about the community. Yes this is a game, but IG is more than just a regular group of people playing games, its a family and yes we play on IG for the role-play but we keep coming back due to the people we meet and the memories we make even though we know little about the person IRL. All the best Tinky and if you are ever in Perth and feel up to it i'd be honoured to down a couple cold ones with ya. Goodbye old friend and R.I.P to @Hammer's KOS play-toy.
  4. I realise the day has now passed but each year, to me at least, ANZAC day holds more significance and meaning than any other important day within the calendar. A lot of people do not really realise just how hard these men and women worked to make Australia what it is today and how much they and their families had to sacrifice in doing so. If these individuals didn't do what they did for our country Australia as we know it today would be monumentally different. It pains me to see those who take this all for granted and neglect and disrespect what these men and women did for out nation. ANZAC day this year however was a true testimony to just how many Australians truly do appreciate the sacrifices that were made, seeing all the people lining their streets and holding their own dawn services to pay tribute was indeed remarkable. It is great to see all Australians, both young and old have the following words etched into their minds so they can be reminded of these brave men and women. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Lest we forget." Lest We Forget.
  5. Some interesting polls indeed, definitely gets you thinking about all things Star Wars. Happy Star Wars day everybody and 'May the 4th' be with you always! Regards, Sully
  6. Thanks for the clarification, I am sure that will help some people out. Best of luck to those competing and may the odds be ever in your favour Regards, Sully
  7. This is a prime example of why we all love Kris. He never ceases to amuse, his English has come a remarkably long way since he first joined the server and its amazing to see the progression he has made
  8. Hey @Bailey, This competition sounds like a rather interesting concept and I think people will have some good fun with it, I do however have several questions that I feel could provide clarification for individuals interested in participating. 1. Where are guesses for the 'password' to be submitted, are they to be entered in the replies to this thread or is there an alternate mode of submission? 2. What are users competing for, as this was not specified? Is it just for fun or is there some kind of prize involved to incentivise guessing? 3. When will the competition end? Regards, Sully
  9. +1 During my stint of time within the community prior to my departure I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know this fine individual both whilst he was fulfilling his Event Master duties and when he was just a user. Sky was always a respectful and conscientious individual who upheld the server rules and was quick to inform others when they were doing things they should not have been, a desirable trait to have as a member of the Moderation team. I understand that Sky has had a somewhat lengthy period of inactivity from which, from what I have read in the previous responses he has only recently returned, however I feel as though Sky is committed to re-injecting himself into the community to stay. I have the utmost confidence that if given the opportunity that Sky will be able to uphold a good rapport with the community as well as thrive in a Moderation capacity. I wish you the best of luck Sky and hope you can show to those who do not know you as well just how deserving of this role you truly are. Some constructive criticism however from the self proclaimed forums formatting king, I would suggest revising your overall application formatting as I feel there is some adjustments you could further make to allow your application stand out from the pack a little more. In addition, you have some spelling errors within your application that you should revisit and correct in order to increase the overall professionalism of the application. With regards to the application responses themselves your answers are overall good and in-line with what is good to see from a Moderation candidate however if I were to delve deeper and nitpick at each response like I have done with several applications in the past I would personally conclude that your answers should be further developed and fleshed out as they are more or less bordering on the somewhat basic level. Regards, Sully
  10. And this is a prime example of what sets us apart from other communities within Australia, the fact that we as a collective can put forwards our efforts as a family of individuals to assist those who need it most. The fires that have terrorised the east coast of Australia are a prime example of how dangerous the role of Firefighting can be especially within the harsh climates of Australia. These brave men and women, most of whom are volunteers, have put their lives on hold and on the line for months on end to tackle these grueling fires head on to do whatever possible to protect those who need it. Although I am from Western Australia and am not directly affected by these fires as of yet, I recognise that the people who are affected by these fires are people of our country which makes me affected by the fires whether I like it or not, which Is why posts like this and many others celebrities and other people are making in order to raise funds to aide and relieve these brave men and women deeply humbles me and is why I urge each and every one of you to dig deep and spare what you can to help those who desperately need it. That could be as simple as going without your morning coffee for a few days or making your lunch rather than buying it as every dollar raised helps drastically. I myself donated my christmas money I received and split it across 4 worthwhile charities in order to assist where I can with this ever growing issue. Stay safe everyone, and may we remember those who have lost their lives in this tragic time.
  11. Well done Hyperion, thank you for the time you have put into this. I am sure this will help some of the newer players immensely for the foreseeable future
  12. Sully


    Hello there Novak, welcome back to the server! we look forward to having you around again. If you need any assistance at any point in time, feel free to ask
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