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  1. I dunno if today is a good day to have that as your signature...
  2. So this is my second resignation. I'd just like to say I loved my stay at IG. I'm happy I used up so many hours of my life and put it all towards this server. But my time has come to an end. I have multiple reasons as to why I am leaving, some know one of the reasons, the other is Garry's Mod has just lost its touch with me lately. I just don't feel like opening the game that's sucked away 2000+ hours of my life. I'll miss you all. <3 for now
  3. General Gen-eric sneaking in to get free stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) this is my comment btw
  4. Jester

    I'm sorry

    @Little5avage lock pls
  5. I thought pets were disallowed by @Ridge?
  6. Hmm. I'll keep on messing with it to see if I can find a fix. Kinda happy in a way to know I'm not the only one experiencing it.
  7. I have this issue where I cant have multiple toggle-able "animations" on my pac. So I once tried to have my ID with one bind and my hands behind my back on another but it just glitches out and does both at the same time? They're both named differently, they're both bound to different keys but it still does it? Any suggestions?
  8. Jester

    Here is an Idea

    Ooo. Nice idea. But I'd like to see the clipboard reskinned to a holopad or something. +Support
  9. Have fun dude! But why is this in introductions?
  10. +Support Reasons stated above.
  11. I don't recall seeing the "F***" addon in the content pack? lmao That would be something he's downloaded himself. I have it as well.
  12. Damn, that shit was some real good shit. Gonna miss you and your work Pureus </3
  13. Jester

    Im Leaving IG...

    You should be a professional Youtube clickbaiter. Have fun in Nam' and try not have flashbacks <3
  14. Absolute legend Tackxo. Mature Friendly Respected Great EM Trusted You have my +Support im still confused as to when you got a deep voice wtf
  15. Welcome to Imperial Gaming, we have some very ferociously named people on our server i.e. Grapes, Cuddles, Puppy, Bubbles. Boy those rebels are running in fear when they hear those names lol
  16. Tarkin just looks angry all the time.
  17. "I can do anything you want baby" ~Kosmos @ 2am
  18. Welcome to the community!
  19. Welcome back buddy. Good to see you back on IG.
  20. Staff are the only ones who can reply to ban appeals.
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