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  1. [IMPERIAL REGISTRY LOG] PERSONNEL LOG - 4451 DESIGNATION :SICARIUS CLEARANCE 5 AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED WARNING THIS DOCUMENT DETAILS SENSITIVE DATA WHICH IS RESERVED FOR AUTHENTICATED OFFICIALS ONLY, IN THE NAME OF HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR YOU ARE TO CLOSE THIS DOCUMENT IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHENTICATED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I mentioned this as a suggestion at a commanders meeting about...3 weeks back as a possible solution to any spite or hostility between either certain members of regiments or just a general void of communication between two regiments. There should be joint training sessions between regiments set up on occasion in order for troopers to learn to effectively communicate not only among their fellow ranks but with troopers from another regiment as this will greatly improve not only the ability for those groups to complete their tasks but also to encourage teamwork and fellowship among the ranks. I'v
  3. Love it 10/10 would pyramid esq ship again.
  4. Sup guys thought I might actually put an intro in for once in my life, its nice to meet you all I was called Iris on the server for a bit before I became K-7SO and then finally Vladis. I've enjoyed my time here so far and you guys are awesome to chill with. If you guys play any other games and need another member I'm always lookin to clown so hit me up.
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