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    Leaning Ability

    +1 Would be awesome to have on the server!
  2. Wolfie


    Welcome to the forums and the community my friend!
  3. So now you're attacking the whole of IC?
  4. So your just doing to disregard the fact that he disrespected me?
  5. When I said about a Lieutenant Colonel I was not talking about you, Sorry for any confusion.
  6. Ok so you say "Please Take This with a grain of Salt" but then this whole thing this is just a blatant attack on IC?
  7. Although I do not think this can be called player disrespect it is not on to go up to someone and say "Oh are you going to this again" and the fact that it came from a Lieutenant Colonel is even more disgusting...
  8. No the real problem here is the fact that pinejacks profile picture is the Adelaide Crows...
  9. Try catching them with your bare hands? It works Trust...
  10. +1 Would be a good for the ST's to stop killing each other when trying to leave spawn.
  11. Delta Squad - Fixer, Boss and Scorch breaching into a room would be awesome!
  12. When your parents ask you what you're doing with your life just show them your post count...
  13. +1 I would love to have Rishi as well as the SD just because a lot of the time the SD can be a bit boring after playing it for a while and to have a second map that we rotate with the SD would be really good and would also give the EM's more opportunities for events
  14. This is pretty cool dude, Good work.
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