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  1. Wolfie


    Damn the new IG SWTOR RP looks dope, Super Pumped!
  2. Wolfie

    I'm sorry

    Yeah that's cool and all but have you ever pressed some of the buttons on his chest and have 4 RG come after you?
  3. Wolfie


    Good luck in the new positions!
  4. Wolfie

    Arctiic's Trial Mod Application [Kir Kanos]

    +1 App is well written, Decent playtime.
  5. Wolfie

    Grapes Introduction

    Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. Wolfie

    Im Leaving IG...

    Have fun with the Nam flashbacks... but have fun and I wish you a safe trip
  7. Wolfie

    Favourite Qoutes Thread

    "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill
  8. Wolfie

    New Inferno Squad Models

    They look amazing +Support
  9. Wolfie

    Jack's PAC3 Application

    -1 Poorly Written App, Didn't meet requirements as stated above by Pinejack.
  10. Wolfie

    Barron's Resignation

    RIP but good luck in the future, @Barron.
  11. Wolfie

    Chef's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    +1 Amazing Person who has made some great PAC's who 100% deserves PAC3 Tier 2
  12. Wolfie

    SOUL'S Trial EM Application

    I have to agree with this, Sorry but it's a -1
  13. Wolfie

    Pickle's Application

    Agreed -1
  14. Wolfie

    Ravage's/Wolfies Tier 1 PAC3 Application

    *Updated application*