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  1. -1 another em app i get to -1 because no effort was put in
  2. U may like it but it does NOT need to be that big.
  3. Take the shit on the chin mate, not being rude but they are people who u have never meet or probably even seen their face but anyways Have fun
  4. -1, no point, we have no wetland assault cores.
  5. Also Just because you are well known doesn't mean you can get away with putting nothing in your application, not cool bro.
  6. I absolutely love u gotaki, but yeah I am with him.
  7. Isn't this the fourth em app he has made?
  8. You took this too seriously
  9. @pinejack The first account Crunchy Bacon saw my app while he was over my house and I had the browser open and he saw and asked "What is that?" and I said "That is my app for EM." and he said "Oh, How do I plus one it?" and I helped him setup an account and he plus one it. The other Nime Wolf (He also plays gmod) I was just talking to him and we stumbled along talking about SWRP and I told him about Imperial gaming, and I told him how I was applying to become an EM and quite Ironicly he asked for the website and said "Whats your app called, I will plus one it" (Some proof NimeWølf (サ
  10. Kingsbury, the two accounts are my friends from school.
  11. Lets start with this. It is not stolen, I took inspiration and added a few twists, the fact that obi-wan isn't there, I am sending out the sith and troopers to look, I am getting rebels to attack and a lot more changes. Thanks, nice to know. Event 2 is nothing like event 1,and I said inquisitors because they are the people who usually hunt down jedi but the rest of the sith will also be helping. He actually turns off the power before the inquisitors fuck him. Everyone is going to be doing something so I don't understand how this isn't designe
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