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  1. Agreed. You seem like a good guy in-game but you were using cheats/exploits my guy. -1
  2. On a serious note I do believe you need to work on your behavior in-game (rather not that you're directly mingey but not as serious as you should be if you catch my drift) +1
  3. Welcome to the community I hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. Doctor Galen Erso (Morgan) & ISB Admiral Cypress (Gusky)
  6. -1 No PAC Experience You literally just rejoined the server Your behavior isn't the best I remember you back when I was Galen Erso, you had issues when It came to orders and you were very rude and disrespectful to your fellow engineers. You often accused them of copying or taking credit for things they didn't create when in reality they were the original owners. You used to poke fun at people's creations and in reality, you weren't a great person to be around. I suggest you download the PAC3 editor and spend the next few days learning how to use the PAC3 edit
  7. Literally sits there and watches us die every match. Gmod SW: Empire at War (Thrawn's Revenge, Stargate, Republic at War, Super Star Wars, Battlefront Commander, Remake) SOASE:R (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion) Thrawn's Revenge Mod Golf with Your Friends World of Warships Arma 3 Fortnite (Rarely) With @Anthony @Lincoln & @gay I mean @Twinkie
  8. Morgan

    Waypoint system

    Though I have never played King of Hill, I understand what you're getting at here though this isn't what I'm suggesting. I'm going to provide a very shitty analogy for what I'm suggesting. Basically, I'm suggesting an advanced and cooler flare gun. One that can be used to mark locations around the map for players. Though I like what you're suggesting and if that can be implemented that would be very cool.
  9. Neutral I don't really have any issues in your app besides a few grammar issues and the formatting (My own personal preference, doesn't have anything to do with your rating) but I would like to see some more PAC examples and more creative one because tbh most of the time when I see these new PAC apps all I see are people creating holograms and tbh its overused and boring. I may change my rating if you provide another set of more creative examples.
  10. I agree with Pinejack here, but also when you were an EM, all my experiences with you weren't the best with you most of the time just minging around.
  11. So I've mentioned this in the past to my fellow peers but I never actually went into detail with it, but after an event that Pinejack ran yesterday, I decided to make a post about it. What I'm suggesting is a waypoint system for events that would allow staff to use their tools guns to spawn in a waypoint that can be seen throughout the entire map. The waypoint would include the following: Be able to be spawned in with a tool gun Change the colors of the waypoint Delete the waypoint using the tool gun Be able to add a description, so you would see a circle or something c
  12. @BevanThis is something you would take up to the FO, Navy Commander, and or the Grand Admiral
  13. Neutral You just returned to the server like what two days ago? You can be at times pretty mingey But, You have shown that you clearly are capable of using PAC and that you are aware of your features. I suggest that you wait to apply for a while longer. Also, you need to follow the correct format.
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