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  1. Living 4 hours away from that living tumor is terrible enough. Do it and I will PERSONALLY end you. Also +1 but nothing too extreme as this is still a military vessel.
  2. Dear Imperial Gaming, My name is Morgan and most of you might not know me unless you've been around since like June. I left the server in August as an Acting Agent of the Imperial Security Bureau. Due to recent events (My resignation as a GM from PR) I needed another server to join. After looking through some of the old ISB clips I had I have decided to return to Imperial Gaming. @Jman1308 @ANiX @NUG - Vlad I'm back Bs
  3. Dear Imperial Gaming, I'm looking some of these posts and the fact that you guys are willing to do stuff like this is why I love this community. Like I've never heard of an American server willing to give away donation money for a good cause like a children's hospital or spend the day remembering historical events. Imperial Gaming is the best community I've ever been a part of and it saddens me that I am unable to be as active as I once was. I wish you luck @Wolf and I hope to one day rejoin the community that brightened up my day everytime I hopped on the server (Even though I'm in USPST
  4. Morgan

    Order 66 - Posing

    lol they got McMeme'd
  5. What happened to Whitey? Wasn't he a Senior Event Master?
  6. The 3rd resignation this week. RIP.
  7. Who is the new DT commander gonna be?
  8. So wait are you coming back, Gusky? We need a Krennic. PABLO4KRENNIC
  9. I mean since staff witnessed it he probably is gonna get banned but for future reference make sure to have evidence because without it the report wouldn't get very far.
  10. Nah wrong time frame. I like the Republic Domestic Security Agency. (RDS) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Republic_Domestic_Security
  11. Morgan

    Fix Playermodels

    @Hermes Hitboxes
  12. There were around 10 minutes of TDM (because people consented.) but PVT Boneless was killing people who didn't consent or who agreed to be apart of the TDM. I'm not sure about Jeff Brown as I disconnected to go play Battlefront. Though this doesn't sound good. If you could show the recordings it would be nice but for now, my opinion is neutral.
  13. It's gonna be at 2 am for me. RIP.
  14. RIP. Besides that, the homepage looks pretty dank. Thumbs up for the web development team and the rest who were involved.
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