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  1. Morgan

    Dank M3mes

    G A L E N E R S O ?
  2. @Lincoln Do you have the screenshots of Inferno?
  3. Tammy's elevator killed me twice yesterday
  4. Welcome, and don't worry about it. You aren't the only American here.
  5. es very nice. Plus of the one
  6. Yes if you were confused I meant the squad addon that was implemented into the server.
  7. New Jetpacks So due to what seems like the return of Jump Troopers and a new Boba Fett I decided to create this suggestion for their "Jetpacks". Currently, they use Rocket boots which after some time can sound very annoying and just look weird when in use. The following link is a Jetpack I am a big fan of. You use A, W, S, and D to control it, CTRL to descend, Space to ascend, and shift to hover in place (You descend when in hover but at a very slow speed). Don't hesitate to comment down below on what you think of it. Jetpacks by Jvs Squad Size Increased Currently, the Squ
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