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  1. @Pickle Were you the JT and Medical Trooper Pickle?
  2. -1 easily abusable and unnecessary
  3. #precisionalignmentsquad @Butcher232
  4. +1 Active Very Detailed Events Good Ideas as well Very good with RP Has experience
  5. I liked him in The Crown. Really liked him as Phillip
  6. +1 Original PAC examples Very trustworthy as he is DT Colonel and a former DT Brigadier Good Application Mature
  7. +1 Active Good PACs Very Mature
  8. Morgan

    LUA Issue

    @Snow Message a staff member next time you try to load in or just hop in TS when I'm on and I'll set you to recruit
  9. Pretty sure this was brought up but never answered. Do you guys have an answer? @Whitey@Wolf@Guskywalker Also, [IG] MorganTrademark - Krennic - Put me in the Draw Whitey
  10. It was an honour serving with you, Agent Hask o7
  11. Unless my phone is screwed up this isn’t in the right section of the forums
  12. M y C l e a r a n c e C o d e I s n ‘ t w o r k I n g
  13. I thought this post was about legos
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