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  1. 6 hours ago, Helsing said:

    I feel like these events you've put in are recycled ones from a long time ago, and there is nothing immediately wrong with that, nor does it mean that you couldn't have possibly edited them since creation; I would just like to see you come up with some new ones that fit the new way we run things on the server. Utilize the new maps we have and try to spice them up a bit. Every application goes on about wanting to do things differently but then give event ideas that are actually quite similar to ones we already run or have run. 

    Aside from that, I'm still going to +1 you because I do see much potential in you if you were to join our Event Master team.

    What showed me they were old events initially was where you put: Change map to Rishi Moon/Star Destroyer

    And then i checked when the google docs were created:

    Created Jan 8, 2018


    Created Jan 9, 2018

    Agree with Helsing but Neutral 

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  2. I'm not gonna go into detail why just that I've been informed of something that is currently happening within my family that I need to attend to. As such effective immediately I'm resigning from my position as Junior Event Master here on Imperial Gaming.

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  3. 14 hours ago, Wolf said:

    So let me start this off saying congratulations for being very hypocritical, ill be pointing out some things in this that makes me very confuse don how this all happened. 

    1. swiftly received a warning for player disrespect due to an ingame dispute with the Royla Guards - How you even do this confuses me as you would have to walk up to them to start the dispute which is why I am very confused on how you even started one with a Royal Guard, this requires more information than dispute, what was said and how it started. 
    2. My words were, "I'm entitled to a public defender under Imperial Law." Some retard in the chat after this said, "You're entitled to death" - If this is true then yes the Royal Guard should not of said this however logs will be checked to see in what context it was used at the same time
    3.  When he said that, I responded angrily in my own defence in light of the death threat - What is Angrily, I need to know what you exactly said as Logs will be checked as our staff wont go and bring you to a staff sit unless you have said something very dumb which by the sounds of it you did as your not saying what it is because you know it was bad.
    4.  Kaye negligently returns the guy who made a death threat and continues lecturing me - if this is true then we will investigate further
    5. I decide to call another admin, seeing that Kaye is clearly incompetent and not capable of carrying out his duties effectively - Trash talking my staff team in an unban appeal is not the wisest things to do. 
    6.   this admin sides with the violent death threat maker and the trash admin known as "Kaye" - Again not the brightest thing to do calling one of my staff members trash. 
    7. new admin says the exact same thing as the Royal guard did after I cited the rules. "It's just a video game, get over it" - If this is true then this is not acceptable either however we will investigate this further as well. 
    8. I then told both admins to kill themselves, to see if their versions of what the rules clearly state hold up practically. - Theres a word for this, hypocrite, you cannot winge about death threats then tell people to kill themselves, makes the situation for you so much worse and shows me the type of person you are. 


    Alright before anything goes further, you are required to go into more information truthfully about what was said in the dispute and other conversations. 



    11 hours ago, Cody said:


    Everything that has been said above Covers it.

    Plus yelling at myself and Kaye and disrespecting us as staff members in an admin sit is completely uncalled for. I wont stand around while you yell at a T-mod for your own mistakes. My decision to ban you is more then justified based of your disrespect to staff alone.

    Also considering it was clearly stated on you last ban appeal that it was your last chance, I wish I had given you a perma ban rather then just 2 weeks now knowing that. Here I was willing to give you a chance to come back in 2 weeks and turn yourself around. Little did I know you had already had you last chance...


    6 hours ago, Goliath said:

    I would legitimately like to see this extended to a permanent ban. IG is not a place for this kind of pure toxicity.




    5 hours ago, Aphrodite said:

    Only issue I have is the size of the font. Apart from that Hammer is an amazing guy and makes some of the best RP pacs on the server. 


    Stick to the application format. 

    -1 Subject to change.





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  5. 11 hours ago, addamcor said:

    Long ago when Widow squad first got it's own class, the models were originally the scout trooper player models.

    However, I, along with Stevo and the rest of Widow squad pushed for the models to be changed to the current ones for a few reasons.


    1. ST's thought that we were a completely seperate regiment. It's a bit hard to tell a new ST recruits what to do when they don't even think they are part of your command structure. We had a lot of instances where ST's would line up in completely seperate lines, think they were going to the wrong training session, or run away during events to find their "actual commander". We changed the models so that they could be identified as storm troopers, but have special markings to distinguish them from other ST's.

     2. Invalid bones. Anyone who knows me understands that I love PAC. And a few other people in Widow have been also experiencing it's joys. But the scout models have invalid bones, making bone merging absolutely impossible. Shoulders would stretch into the ground and it would be a mess...that was my personal incentive for changing the models, as well as the reason listed above.

    3. The "scout" trooper doesn't fit Widow squad's role. Widow squad was designed, and still is the leading figure of the storm trooper corps. They have distinguished themselves from the masses of ST's, and are the ones who are willing to lead and nurture the upcoming generations of players. In short, they are not scouts.


    The primary issue with your suggestion, is that the storm troopers would effectively be split into two different regiments. The ST's, and Scouts. This is unnecessary and is a detriment to the main advantage of the storm troopers, numbers. Sending a small group of untrained scouts when there are already other regiments trained in scouting would be of no use to the server, OR the ST's.

    That's my opinion, thank you for the suggestion though

    ~ Hornet


  6. 5 hours ago, Cody said:


    I am sorry, but you leave the server every second week....

    You are not e very good role model for people. You have no commitment. You donate for a commander position and a week alter leave it....

    I'd have to agree, I also remember in the past of you being mingy, like that time you set your run speed and sped around the ship entering restricted areas as a storm trooper.

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