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  1. Incinerator Troopers were removed and replaced with Vector Company.
  2. Morgan


    lol welcome back
  3. Interesting Galen Erso's Facility.mp4
  4. Mom gay lol Get Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
  5. Pretty straightforward suggestion. People have been talking about how you'll get your credits removed and stuff if you AFK farm. Just make it so that if you go AFK any longer than five minutes you stop collecting credits. EDIT: Disregard I misunderstood what people were saying. Someone lock this post @Whitey@Head Coach Frank
  6. This is beautiful. A g e n t H a s k
  7. He was back when I was Galen Erso. Himself along with 4 other people @ANiX @Mauler
  8. Ronald Reagan, Charlie Kirk, and Candace Owens
  9. My favorite /me & quotes: "ISB Acting Agent [☩] Romwell Krass enjoys being inside emerald" “ISB Bureau Chief Lincoln bekons for a succ” ISB Chief [♮] Cross: less suck more fuck ISB Chief [♮] Cross: lesucc morfucc
  10. So earlier today the server wasn't popping up for me and when I went to join off of people it would say that the server was not responding. I restarted my computer and it fixed the issue but while I was doing DT training my screen (Along with Tiger, a fellow DT) froze. But the way it froze was weird, it was as if the server crashed but we could see people's animations and acts for their binds but we couldn't move, we couldn't seem them move, and we couldn't see the chat box. We disconnected and ever since then we haven't been able to find the server or connect off of people. Tiger and I are bo
  11. I am also having the same error.
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